dynel cloth, dynel fabric
  • dynel cloth, dynel fabric
  • dynel cloth, dynel fabric

Dynel Fabric / Cloth

Dynel is a popular laminate fabric used for museum-quality restoration work on wooden boats. It's strong and yet supple like a true woven fabric, with no fibers to irritate your skin.

Dynel fabric has very high abrasion resistance but swells in the resin such that it works better if vacuum bagged or pressure molded. The most common uses of dynel are for wear patches on boats, edgings on paddles, and the like. It has also been used as a deck covering on wooden sailboats. It seems to be a good choice anywhere that abrasion is a major issue. This Dynel Fabric retains a milky appearance when saturated rather than turning clear in the resin like fiberglass.

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  • High abrasion resistance
  • 5oz. 55"
  • Wide, plain weave


BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Weave: Plain
5.0 5

dynel for kayak rubstrips


i use dynel to make (and repair) custom rubstrips on strip built and stitch and glues kayaks i make.great, inexpensive product that does the job. use saran wrap to compress it down once wetted out to get a nice finished surface without a lot of extra work. for rubstrips, you want a smooth surface so the saran wrap helps avoids the need for filling and sanding work.in the picture below of the latest boat i am building below - i integrate into the keel line 3 layers of dynell from the knuckly of the bow and stern about two inwards with graphite infused epoxy. very clean, streamlined arrangement.




Dynel fabric


This is the best material to make a non-slip surface when finished with epoxy. It also has the appearance of canvas fabric and can be shaped around sharp turns in the shape of the surface, unlike fibreglass cloth.


Nova Scotia


do it yourself dynel rub-strips


i build my own kayaks and use dynel fabric to make rub strips to protect the bow and stern. some places will sell you a 'rub-strip kit'.....but in the end, it is just several pieces of dynel cloth bias cut two inches wide by 18 to 24 inches in length.bought a yard of the dynel cloth from jamestown and cut my own strips. easy to do with a sharp pair of scissors. plenty of material to do a dozen kayaks for the cost of one 'rub-strip kit' (which will do only one kayak with no material to spare).

kayak builder

bethesda, md




when you apply epoxy to Dynel the cloth will swell or double in thickness which pronounces the weave. DO NOT SAND SMOOTH, best way to fill the weave is to mix epoxy and a easy sanded filler and squeegee on, then epoxy over once its smooth. Wont beat it for bottoms that are beached a lot or skinny water boats






use this for structure and wear at keel and chine. needs to have several coats of west sys to fair it out, add some white pigment until you cant see fabric anymore

Keith B

rockport ma.


Dynel Fabric / Cloth



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