braided dacron rope
  • braided dacron rope

Braided Dacron Cord

Dacron is a high strength polyester that combines high strength, low stretch and excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals and weather. Slightly heavier than nylon. High strength Dacron has special cordage finish and fine handling characteristics, less elasticity (stretch) and less tendency to recoil than nylon. Can be stored wet.

All sizes have a maximum continuous length of 300 ft/rl

Some sizes are sold by increments of 100 ft/cl (cl = cut length)

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
BRAND: JJ Bidden
Material: Polyester
Type: Yacht Braid
4.0 1

Braided Dacron Cord


I used the cord to rig a lift for the family Laser on the back porch. I'm hoping it will last longer than the Big Box Store stuff I've been using. The Big Box stuff only lasts about a year.



Braided Dacron Cord



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