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3M Handy Stikit Sanding Blocks

Handy Stikit Sanding Blocks carry their own abrasive supply. Sand corners with flat end; sand contours with rounded end. For fresh abrasive, lift sandpaper, pull from feed roll, press to cushioned backup pad, then tear off used Stikit paper.
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Sand corners with flat side of the sanding block, sand contours with rounded end of the sanding block. For fresh abrasive, lift sandpaper, pull from feed roll, press to cushioned backup pad, then just tear off used Stikit paper.

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3M Handy Stikit Sanding Block


This has got to be one of the best handy sanding blocks I have ever used! They don't sell it here in Australia? Like its hard to get it! I use it to abrade flat substrate surfaces such as wood, plaster/wallboard, and on flush doors etc. Good for preparation of new and previously painted surfaces.


Australia NSW


2 1/2 inch sanding block


I have had one of these sanding block for 20 years. 3M stopped supporting them about 10 years ago. I was happy to see that Jamestown added the blocks to their website. The problem is I cannot find the refills for the 2 1/2" block on their website. When I pull up the 2 1/2" block they show me 3 1/2" rolls. I think they are missing something.


Wenona, IL


An Essential!


I haven't seen these for years and was afraid that 3M no longer made them. I've treasured two of them for close to 20 years, scrounging any sort of abrasive roll that would fit. They are so comfortable to use and so versatile with the combination of the flat and curved surface. I've used them for everything from boat building to jewelry making. They are the only block sanders I use because nothing else is as comfortable and effective. I am delighted to find them here at Jamestown Distributors especially with the full grit range of sanding rolls. The 3M rolls are much nicer than the various brands of 2 1/2 inch rolls that I've used in the past. The thing that will put many people off is that the 3M Stikit Block costs more than the average sanding block. But is it ever worth it! An essential tool!


Albany NY


Escargot sanding block is a winner


This little sanding block is extremely handy. There is a round end and a flat end to match whatever shape you are sanding. If you are covering boards with paste paper or book cloth, you can chamfer the sharp edges in no time at all. It holds sandpaper that comes on an adhesive-backed roll. When the end-in-use is ready to be renewed, you just release the worn part and pull out another five inches, stick down the new part, and tear off the used piece. It doesn't take up much workbench space and does exactly what it is meant to do.I have had two of these in use for a number of years, and now have treated myself to seven more, so I can have one set up with every available grit. I'm going to color code the labels so I can work through the rainbow when sanding wood to a fine finish.

Judy who likes good tools

Columbus, OH


3M Handy Stikit Sanding Blocks



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