system three gel magic universal cartridges
System Three System Three
  • system three gel magic universal cartridges

System Three Gel Magic Universal Cartridge

System Three's universal cartridge system eliminates the need for mixing with standard caulking guns as the cartridge's dual chambers ensure the proper ratio, which is mixed in the mixing tip.

Silvertip Gel Magic is a 2-part epoxy adhesive that will not sag or run. Designed for wood and other porous materials. Gel Magic components mix into a paste that is ready to be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces without sagging or otherwise making a mess. GelMagic can be post-cured up to 140°: for even greater performance.

When fully cured, it is unaffected by water, oil, kerosene, and many other chemicals. It will not stain wood and is immune to fungus and rot. Ideal for stitch and glue, plywood, strip built and glued lap strake construction. As well as a high strength, gap filling, waterproof adhesive for general woodworking and architectural applications.

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    Technical Specifications
  • Mix Ratio by Volume: 100:50
  • Mix Ratio by Weight: 100:42
  • Total Solids: 100 percent
  • Mixed Viscosity: 4,000 cps
  • Mixed Color: Milky White
  • Coverage at 250 microns (10 mils): 150 square ft/Gal
  • Maximum Service Temp: 170 degrees F
  • Pot Life at 77 degrees F: 15 minutes
  • Tack Free Time at 77 degrees F: 3 Hours
  • Gel Magic will cure at temperatures as low as 35 degrees F
    • Lap Shear Strength:
  • Polyester Laminate: 2800 psi
  • Concrete: 1100 psi
  • Wood: 1800 psi
  • Aluminum: 2200 psi
  • Galvanized Steel: 1900 psi
  • Copper: 1700 psi
  • Use protective gloves when working with this product. Use soap and water or white vinegar to clean off of your hands. Use Denatured Alcohol to clean off your tools.

    Below Water Line (yes/no): No
    BRAND: System Three
    Material: Epoxy
    Number Of Parts: Two Part
    Rate Of Cure: Medium
    Strength: Good
    Type: Epoxy Adhesive
    Usage: Bonding
    5.0 3

    A Real Life Saver


    I can't imagine having to mix batches of epoxy to attach a kayak deck to the hull. I can make a bead of epoxy quickly around the circumference of the hull and have plenty of time to place the deck in place and attach band clamps before the resin begins to set up. Hand mixing batches for this job would waste too much time causing a hurried mating of the two parts. A great product!


    Port O'Connor, TX


    great product


    Adhesive can be easily applied exactly where you want it. No sagging makes this product ideal for hard to reach areas.




    Really works as advertised


    When they say "no sag", they really mean it. You can run a vertical fillet with this product and not be concerned about coming back later to find a puddle. It's very easy to apply via the mixing tips. The product cures clear and seems as hard and workable as one would expect with an epoxy.


    Seattle, WA


    System Three Gel Magic Universal Cartridge



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