Forespar Marelon Ball Valves
Forespar Forespar
  • Forespar Marelon Ball Valves

Forespar Marelon Ball Valves

Marelon - Marine Grade Ball Valves are optimized for marine use above and below the waterline with maximum U.V. inhibitors, and it will not support combustion. Additional marine benefits of the material are its extreme range of operating temperature and it's resistance to abrupt changes in temperature.

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New stem/handle design permits 180° rotation for opening in either direction.


All Marelon valves are non-corrosive, but like any moving part in a marine environment, they required regular inspection and lubrication. Do not fail to actuate the handle and lubricate the seals on a regular schedule (water pump grease or even mineral oil will lubricate seals).

Bottom and top connections are NPS (straight) thread. The use of products with NPS (straight) pipe thread is recommended only for low pressure applications, and then only with a generous application of pipe sealant or PTFE thread tape.

All critical hose connections should be double clamped at both ends. Ideally, the hose clamp screws should be mounted opposite one another for maximum security. Use the highest quality AWAB hose clamps for longest life and best performance.

Marelon Advantages

  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Conductive
  • Fire Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Temp. Range -40 to +176 degrees F
  • U.V. Resistant
  • Marelon is a formulation of glass-reinforced Dupont Zytel


BRAND: Forespar
Material: Marelon
Type: Seacocks & Ball Valves
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Marelon is good stuff


Marelon ballvalves work well in boat plumbing applications. No need to bond- they don't conduct electricity. Not bothered by sal water. Remember, these ballvalves are not the same as seacocks. Only seacocks should be connected to thru hull fittings.


Dracut, MA


Forespar Marelon Ball Valves



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