Buffalo Trailer Dolly for hauling and moving empty boat and utility trailers
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  • Buffalo Trailer Dolly for hauling and moving empty boat and utility trailers

Buffalo Trailer Dolly

The Buffalo Trailer Dolly works great for any boat, lawn care trailer, or utility trailer. The 49 Inch long handle makes moving loaded trailers easy even in tight spots. 10 Inch x 3 Inch pneumatic all-terrain tires with steel rims make for easy rolling. A heavy duty steel frame is finished with a powder coat paint finish for added protection. The Buffalo Trailer Dolly comes with a 1-7/8 Inch trailer hitch ball.

This trailer hand dolly works great for rolling your loaded or empty trailer around without it being attached to your vehicle. Manufacturer rated to move a loaded trailer up to 600 lbs. It is especially helpful when parking in your garage, or tight spaces.

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To be used on flat surfaces

BRAND: Buffalo Tools
Type: Hitch Dolly
3.8 5

Trailer moving made easy


I used my friends dolly to move a Seadoo that I couldn't even budge without it. I moved the Seadoo on gravel with ease. I also used it to move my bass boat by myself no way could I of moved it with out the dolly. Great product.

Joe bag of donuts

Bellevue Nebraska

Fits My Needs Perfectly


Handy, durable and easy to use.


Trinidad, West Indies


Decent Unit for the Money


I purchased this trailer dolly because maneuvering smaller, utility type trailers when backing up are usally quite frustrating. Larger trailers tend to maneuver much easier. That said, when used for my 8' utility trailer and my log spliter this little helper has made life much easier. Overall quality was quite acceptable for the cost of the unit. I have owned this trailer dolly for several months and it is left outdoors always. I have been pleasantly surprised that it has not rusted up hardly at all. I have had to add air once to one of the tires which is acceptable to me. I have not had over 200lbs tongue weight on the unit [a trailer load of split wood] so I have no issue with tire flattening. An 8' trailer load of wood is about 1200lbs [I don't think I could manually pull/push more than that anyway] so I have no problems with performance. Overall I like it and I am pleased with the purchase.


Milford Ma.


thousands sold, less than 2% defective


Between Jan 1 2008 and today (9/30/09), we have sold 2,565 units and our returns/defectives are 43pc. That's less than 2% and below the company average. That's 2522 happy customers. This item is a great value and gets the job done.


New Hampshire


Cheap and built that way


Inexpensive is its only attribute. This item is of poor quality and I expext a short life. The wheel hubs are off-center and the tires are not capable of any way near the rated capaciy of the trolly.


Oyster Bay, NY


Buffalo Trailer Dolly



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