fuller Type E Countersink, four flute type E countersink
W.L. Fuller W.L. Fuller
  • fuller Type E Countersink, four flute type E countersink

Type E Countersinks

The Fuller Type E Four Flute Countersink is designed for deep hole counterboring and countersinking. Used to cut woods, plastic and non-ferrous metals. Mounts on standard fractional size drills. Heat Treated metal for durability.
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Stock Number  Cutting Diameter  Drill Hole Size 
E92  1/2  3/16 
E102  1/2  13/64 
E12  1/2  7/32 
E14  1/2  1/4 
E143  5/8  3/16 
E16  5/8  1/4 
E169  5/8  9/32 
E18  5/8  5/16 

All sizes 1 in overall in length. Stop collars not recommended.

Cutting tools may shatter when broken. The wearing of eye protection is strongly advised in the vicinity of their use.

BRAND: W.L. Fuller
Type: Countersink
5.0 1

If you screw it, you need it !


When fastening a piece of wood to another piece of wood, if possible countersink the thinner side to the thicker side. Make sure the screw slips through the thinner side or else you will have a harder time closing the joint.

[*] Head

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Type E Countersinks



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