Plexus MA 310 High Strength Plastic Adhesive
Plexus Plexus
  • Plexus MA 310 High Strength Plastic Adhesive

Plexus MA 310 High Strength Plastic Adhesive

Plexus MA 310 Plastic Adhesive has a 1:1 mix ratio and a 15 to 18 minute working time. It is cream in color. MA 310 is an ideal universal adhesive since it has the chemical nature to bond to almost any plastic.

A number of professional boatbuilders and repair shops keep tubes of MA 310 in their standard fiberglass boat repair kits. Commonly used to bond two molded sections together, either in production or repair.

The MMM-50004 applicator gun and the COM-533425 tips are required for the 50 ml tubes.

The COX-M400XMR/1:2 400 ml applicator gun is required for the 400 ml tube and COM-223252 mixing tube.

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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Product  MA 310 
Description / Potential Substrates  High Strength, Use with "Difficult to Bond" Plastics 
Color  Cream 
Mix Ratio by Volume  1:1 
Viscosity (cP)  40,000-60,000 
Working Time (min.)  15-18 
Fixture Time (min.)  30-35 
Tensile Strength (psi)  4000-4500 
Tensile Elongation (percentage)  5-15 
Shear Strength (psi)  3000-3500 

Wearing gloves and a respirator is recommended.

BRAND: Plexus
Material: Methacrylate
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Rate Of Cure: Fast
Strength: Strong
Type: Epoxy Adhesive
Usage: Bonding
4.6 12

Yes very good product


Pricy but worth it


San Diego CA


Yes we would purchase this item again


Our shop will continue to use this product



MA310 and cartridge


Good epoxy. The best. However the cap assembly comes apart early on.


Fayetteville NC


Adheres well


I found this adhesive pretty easy to apply when also using the Plexus mixing nozzle. I needed to re-adhere a broken closing handle to a plexiglass boat hatch. This adhesive has worked very well. It cured within an hour or so. The hatch closing handle gets a lot of stress on it and I see no indication that the handle bond is weak or lacks its original strength. A very good adhesive for plastic to plastic.

Don S.

Annapolis, MD


excellent product


the product did one hellva job on my corian kitchen countertop

the chef



Bonds with Composite Hulls


I normally use with the applicator 'gun' and mixing tip on my Hunter ABS hull to correct cracks. Can be sanded to match smooth to finish although sometimes requires a fairing compound to get true. In my area where we have -10 to -20 winters and I cover but don't have any heated site for over wintering, cracks often appear in the same location each year. I blame this on the hull composition (Hunter has changed the 216 and 170 type models to fiberglass), not the product.

Don sailing on the Mississippi

Quad Cities, IL




Outstanding product




You need other parts to best use this


This product is just the glue in tubes. You need to buy the pluger tool and nozzles seperately. Others sell this product wit a nozzle and plungers. I did not buythe nozzles. I squeezed equal amounts out of each tube and then mixed it with a stick and applied with a syringe. So you can get buy without it. The old product was more convenient.

Fix anything

Stonington, CT


Amazing Plastic Adhesive for Marine Use


Use it in difficult situations, especially bonding plastic/fiberglass to metal. Also very good for hull repairs. No real prep needed for site and works well even with moisture or oil contamination. Used it to repair 3 inch hole in hull of a Hunter composite sailboat along with fiberglass mesh. Easy to mix, sets relatively quickly but working time (approx 15 min) is adequate. Can be filed or sanded easily and can put boat back in water within the hour.While it is not cheap, it is the adhesive of choice for the really difficult bonding tasks or repairs.

Bob The Sea Dog

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland


This stuff is bomber!


Nothing bonds plastic to metal like this adhesive. Cures quickly. The smell will knock you for a loop. Use a good charcoal filter mask and nitrile gloves. Don't get it on you.


New Canaan, CT


Plexus MA 310 High Strength Plastic Adhesive



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