Plexus MA 550 UV Stable High Strength Marine Adhesive
Plexus Plexus
  • Plexus MA 550 UV Stable High Strength Marine Adhesive

Plexus MA 550 UV Stable High Strength Adhesive

Plexus MA 550 380 ml cartridge kit is designed as a high performance Marine Adhesive. This glue has a 10:1 mix ratio and features a 40 to 45 minute working time. It is white in color and features a UV stable formula. Plexus MA 550 is commonly used to bond sections of boats that are exposed to sunlight.
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This product requires a Plexus Manual Application Gun (COM-301141) and Plexus Mixing Nozzles (COM-301143) to properly apply this product.

Product  MA 550 
Description / Potential Substrates  Excellent Marine Adhesive White, UV Stable 
Color  White 
Mix Ratio by Volume  10:1 
Viscosity (cP)  A: 130,000-160,000, B: 40,000-60,000 
Working Time (min.)  40-45 
Fixture Time (min.)  70-75 
Tensile Strength (psi)  1750-2000 
Tensile Elongation (percentage)  35-45 
Shear Strength (psi)  1300-1800 

The wearing gloves and a respirator is highly recommended.

BRAND: Plexus
Material: Methacrylate
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Rate Of Cure: Fast
Strength: Strong
Type: Structural Adhesive
Usage: Bonding
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