Chrome Dual Trumpet Air Horns
  • Chrome Dual Trumpet Air Horns
  • White Dual Trumpet Air Horns

Dual Trumpet Air Horns

AFI dual trumpet air horns put out 121 decibels, so you can be assured of being heard. The low frequency travels fast and far over water. The Dual Trumpet Air Horn comes in two different models one with a chrome plated solid brass finish, and one with a white epoxy powder-coated finish over solid brass.

The diaphragms are made of non-corrosive Lexan material that is built to last. Each package includes the 12 amp compressor, air tubing, fittings, and hardware. Both models are intended to be mounted on the bow or cabin top of your boat. Measures 17'' L x 7'' W x 3 3/4'' H.

Available in 12 Volt and 24 Volt models

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  • Dimensions: 17 in L x 7 in W x 3-3/4 in H
  • Maximum amp Draw: 12 Volt, 20 Amps 24 Volt, 10 Amp
  • db Rating: 121 at one meter, 1/3 octave band
  • Fundamental Frequency: 375 plus/minus 15


Type: Electric Horns
4.3 8

U can hear me now


Installed this air horn after going through two elec, horns of same style from west marine . Easy install and they work great


Isleton ca.


Perfect fit, great sound


I asked for these for Father's Day to replace a set on my boat that sounded like a dying duck. They fit perfectly in the same hole pattern as the original horns and sound great.


Annapolis MD


Great sound


I picked up a boat with a set of these horns and the compressor was not working. The horns polished up beautifully, so I only needed to replace the compressor. I was concerned due to one of the reviews that indicated the horns had an "AhooGa" type sound that he found embarrassing. I disagree. The sound is classic twin trumpet boat horn with no transition of sound as implied by the other reviewer. I'm thinking he may have a pinched hose that is restricting air flow until the pressure builds. As to the buzzing of the compressor, that might be an issue if mounted inside a quiet cabin. In my case it's mounted in a cabinet above deck and I can't hear it over the sound of the horns. Nice quality in general. We'll see how long the new compressor lasts.


Bristol, RI


Great sound and loud!


Very nice looking and fairly easy to install once you figure out where to mount the compressor. Mounted mine in the cupboard above the stove on my 381 CC Catalina. The issue was that after a hot day the tubing would start to collapse at the bends and then no horn or a sick sounding single! A trip to the store for 3, 1/4" 90 degree elbows and problem fixed! They are so loud and great sounding (look great too!) They know we are coming now when we blow our horn and no wondering if they are going to honk or not like our old electric ones.

"Always Going Somewhere"

Sandusky, OH


Great Air Horns


Replaced old air horns. Almost plug and play. Very loud and good sound. Just what I wanted. Worth the price. Nice quality.


Traverse City, MI


Well made but dissaponted


The compressor is very noisy...and has to be mounted very close to the horn itself, for me that means inside the pilothouse. When you blow the horn the compressor buzzes VERY loudly and it sounds like an AhooGa style horn. If you are real far away from the boat it sounds OK but on-board it is laughable. Frankly I am embarrassed when I use it and plan to remove it. I plan to go with an all electric horn and avoid having to explain the strange sound to my guests each time I use it.

Mr. Sandman



Good loud air horn; simple install


This horn has been in production for over 30 years and fit the old mounting holes perfectly. White finish matches other fore deck devices and blends with trim.Be sure to mount the motor out of the weather and spray it with a corrosion preventive when finished. (the motor hardware is zinc-plated, not stainless steel)[...] lowest price from Jamestown Distributors.

Gulfstar 48

Charleston, SC


Commanding Sound


Replaced another manufactures horn set which only lasted a couple years, hope these out last the boat.

The horn blower

Nantucket, MA


Dual Trumpet Air Horns



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