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3M Scotch-Brite Pads

Scotch-Brite General Purpose Scouring Pads are the original nylon scouring pad. Scotch-Brite replaces steel wool, metal sponges and traditional abrasives. They are long lasting as well as rust resistant. Used extensively in polishing, paint preparation, food industry and more. Pads measure 6in. x 9in. Available as box of 20 pack in light and medium duty grade or 12 pack of coarse grade pads.
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Scotch Brite pads are a great alternative to sandpaper and metal abrasives. Woven nylon will not leave metal on substrate, that leads to rust and discoloration. Rinse and re-use.

Heavy Duty

MMM-05509: Heavy Duty Green #86 Scouring pad for heavy duty cleaning jobs. Use to replace scrapers, steel wool and metal sponges. Typical applications include heavily baked-on food and food processing equipment.

Medium Duty

MMM-08293: General Purpose Green Scouring Pad #96 The original synthetic scouring pad for everyday cleaning. Replaces steel wool and metal sponges. Non-rusting and resilient.

MMM-07447: Maroon general purpose pads 7447 Most universally used pad. Use maroon for scuffing before applying paint or primer. Great for cleaning and preparation work. Perfect for a variety of applications to clean, finish, grain, denib and defuzz. Use by hand, with a hand-pad block or on an in-line sander. Abrasive mineral: Very fine-grade aluminum oxide.

Light Duty

MMM-07445: Light Duty White Pads 7445 have fine mineral for very light cleaning. Use with liquid detergents for wax mold deflashing, highlighting and top coat rubbing of wood, cleaning of porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, painted surfaces and glass.

MMM-07448: Ultra fine pads 7448 are used to finish sand after wet or dry abrasives in the 360 grit range as well as cleaning and scrubbing. Reusable. Excellent for final finishing and light cleaning. Abrasive mineral: Ultra fine grade silicon carbide.

Abrasive Grit: 60 Grit
Type: Pads
4.8 33

Great product, top quality.


Excellent for polishing scratches out of stainless steel.




Stove Top Cleaning Pad


I received this free to try and I was not disappointed, I use many Scotch-Brite Products and I love them all. The Stove Top Pad quickly and effectively cleaned up, strong but gentle.


Bedford NH

Lovely green powder


From the start, the pad began disintegrating into fine green powder. Everywhere I scrubbed was left with a layer of green grit and remnants of the pad. I thought perhaps, being new, it would stop, but it didn't. So I am left with a double cleaning job - use this pad, then clean again to remove the green residue. Now, I have three more scour pads to find a use for. Hmmm . . . I could use one under a wobbly table leg, another one to . . . actually, they're worthless, especially for cleaning.



Works on Everything


I use Scotch Brite scouring pads for everything, from washing glasses to scrubbing the stove. They don't scratch the more delicate dishes, and they're tough enough to scrub off baked on food and grease. I've used them forever and I don't plan to stop! GREAT PRODUCT!


North Alabama

Best Solution for Tough Dirt


I always have SCOTCH BRITE â„¢ Heavy Duty Scour pads ready for post Holiday cooking clean up. They have never let me down when regular cleaning products fail to dissolve burnt on kitchen messes. They don't scratch like some products do. For tough jobs, I give them 5 stars.


Rochester, NY

Tough on grime!


We used these pads to clean kitchen cabinets that we were refinishing. They did such a good job of removing 30+ years of grime, grease, and dirt. When we wore one out, we just threw it away and picked up another. I would absolutely purchase these again for tough jobs around the house!



Heavy Duty Jobs


This product does exactly what it's name says. I love how it cleans, especially baked on residue. I don't have to use alot of muscle to get my pots clean.


Queens, NY



This is my absolute go-to for any tough cleans. I've used them to clean anything from the bathtub to pipe residue. Doesn't get any better.



Elbow Grease need not apply!


I don't know what I would do with out this scouring pad.. I know I don't have the elbow grease it would take to scrub some of my pots as clean as I get them with hardly any elbow grease by using the Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pad!!



Works Well


This product works very well on my pots and pans. It is a good value for the money.


Augusta, GA

3M Scotch-Brite Pads



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