Core-Cell A500 Plain Foam Sheets
Core-Cell Core-Cell
  • Core-Cell A500 Plain Foam Sheets

Core-Cell A500 Plain Foam Sheets

A500 is a 5.0 lb. per cubic foot density foam ideal for hand lay-up applications. Its use minimizes the use of resin, saving time and money. It surpasses all previous limits of stiffness, impact strength and heat distortion temperature.

Core-Cell is the first structural foam designed specifically for the marine industry, and uses new SAN polymers rather than conventional PVC formulas derived from 1930's technology.

A500 Core-Cell is very similar to A550 Core-Cell. The only difference is the density, by .5lb/cubic ft.

Available in 2 x 4 ft, 4 x 4 ft and 4 x 8 ft sheets. 4' X 8' sheets must be picked up at our location or shipped via common carrier.

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Core-Cell foam has better handling and machining characteristics, does not out-gas and is compatible with all resin types.

Being closed cell, Core-Cell adds safety, comfort and reassurance to ocean going vessels and reduces condensation through insulation.

Core-Cell is preferred by professional builders and has an excellent reputation with amateurs for being easy to form around tight curves, but stiff enough to strip plank between temporary frames.

BRAND: Core-Cell
Type: Foam
4.5 6

Adequate core replacement


Product cuts well, score it and break it along the lines. Make sure you saturate the core well with unthickened epoxy and bed it well in thickened epoxy. The core will not rot, but it will debond if not properly prepared as mentioned. It is not as good as coosa board for load areas, I use them together as required.


Ozark, AL




Building a gun stock using this and carbon fiber



Product was deformed


Opened up the product to find that the lines weren't straight and it was messed uo



Found useful


Very useful for panel building. Good heat formability.




A great fix for a soggy core!


I used this to replace some waterlogged plywood core on my sliding deck hatch. I was easy to cut and flexed to accommodate the slight bow in the hatch cover. A few sandbags held it in place while the epoxy cured. The hatch is as strong as it was before but much lighter. I am going to tackle other soggy core projects now that I found this!


Locust, NJ


Core-Cell for Soft Deck Repair


Your comment system is daunting. Core-cell is fantastic for beefing up soft decks and cabin trunks where water has rotted balso or plywood. With the voids cleaned out and filled with the foam, the result is a laminate strength probably better than "as manufactured". I have also made bulkheads of two sheets of Kytex with Core-Cell sandwiched inside.Tricky to work with, expensive, but worth it, unquestionably. JD's prices are fair for this item.


Stonington, CT


Core-Cell A500 Plain Foam Sheets



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