Double-Cut Core-Cell foram sheets
Core-Cell Core-Cell
  • Double-Cut Core-Cell foram sheets

Double-Cut Core-Cell 5lb / cu. Ft Sheets

Double-Cut Core-Cell is a tough, damage-tolerant A500 foam core. 5.5 lb. / cu. Ft. density. Excellent for hull and deck core replacement and anywhere that a robust non-wood core is desired. Good ductility, especially good for hull bottoms, and will contour to curved shapes.

For in-mold applications, Core-Cell reduces resin usage and weight by its unique double-cut and triple-cut sheets. The invisible knife cuts open less than other contourable foams when curved, meaning less chance for voids and/or delamination.

Sheets measure 2 x 4 feet and come in a variety of thicknesses.

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BRAND: Core-Cell
Type: Foam
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