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Vetus Fuelsafe Fuel Theft Security Device

Vetus Fuelsafe Spider installs in the fuel fill hose to prevent any would be thief from siphoning costly fuel from your tank. Installation is simple by inserting Spider into fuel fill hose with provided synthetic packing material. Device provides cheap and simple insurance against fuel theft. Fits 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch diameter fill hoses. Compatible with diesel and gasoline.
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BRAND: Vetus
Fuel: Gasoline or Diesel
Type: Fuel Accessories
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Stop Gas Theft's


I saw this item advertised on Ship Shape TV, and found that Jamestown carried it at a great price. I will be buying my boating need's with this company. Thank You.


Port Washington, NY


Requires some work. Not as easy as pushi


This is the only device I have found that appears to be fool proof. I did find that the installation was a bit more complicated. If your gas fill has a chain inside to retain the gas cap you will need to access the hose connection from the backside and disconnect it. This will allow insertion of the Vetus safety device to be installed. It would not slip in from the top side fill location. The specific problem was the tube device (supplied with purchase) used to compress the Vetus hangs on the tab of the safety chain. It was a little inconvienient to remove the hose, but when you think of loosing 380 gallons of fuel as the alternative, it was well worth the extra 15 minutes it took.

U.S.S. Hey Bob

Table Rock Lake


Simple but it works


This unit was easy to install and it works. Everybody know how expensive fuel is these days- especially if you buy it at the marina (ouch!). Keep your gas where it belongs- in your tank.


Annapolis, MD


Vetus Fuelsafe Fuel Theft Security Device



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