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Vetus K 75 Flexible Engine Mounts

Vetus Type K 75 engine mounts for smaller marine diesel engines up to 80 HP.

Engine mounts are the main connection points between the entire drive assembly and the boat, and as such are subjected to tremendous force. The rubber compound is specially shaped to create the optimum in vibration dampening. Internal buffers limit the engine movement when started or stopped and secure the mounts against overload and shearing off.

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  • Stiffness Ratio: Vertical = 1, Athwartships = 0.75, Fore and aft = 2.5
  • Minimum Static Load = 85 lbs
  • Minimum Compression = 0.079 inch
  • Maximum Static and Dynamic Load = 178 lbs
  • Maximum Compression = 0.16 inch
  • Hardness in Degrees shore = 55


BRAND: Vetus
Type: Engine Mounts
5.0 1

Original mounts lasted 11 yrs 5,000 Hrs


The original mounts are still servicable, but with some rust. They are efficient at preventing vibration transfer to the hull.Seems they must be used in conjunction with a Vetus flexible shaft coupling.


Richelieu, Qc, Canada


Vetus K 75 Flexible Engine Mounts



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