Edson Stainless Comfort Grip Power Wheel
  • Edson Stainless Comfort Grip Power Wheel
  • Comfort Grip Power Wheel
  • Edson Comfort Grip

Edson Stainless Comfort Grip Power Wheel

Edson's ComfortGrip PowerWheels feature an ergonomically-designed rubber finger grip insert that provides precise control and exceptional comfort. Sporty ComfortGrip wheels have one-piece, polished 316 stainless construction, and are available with a bolt-on Pro Series PowerKnob or the newly designed ComfortGrip PowerKnob.

Designed to fit standard 1" diameter wheel splines.

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  • Available in 13”, 14.5” and 16”
  • Includes 316 1” Stainless Wheel Nut with insert for 5/8” -18 threads.
  • Wheels Fit Standard 3/4” Tapered Shafts w/ 3/16” Keyway


Part Number



EDS-1710ST-13-75T  13” Wheel  
EDS-1710ST-13-KIT  13” Wheel w/ PowerKnob 
EDS-1710ST-13-KITCG  13” Wheel w/ ComfortGrip PowerKnob  
EDS-1710ST-14.5-75T  14.5” Wheel  
EDS-1710ST-14-KIT  14.5” Wheel w/ PowerKnob 
EDS-1710ST-14-KITCG  14.5” Wheel w/ ComfortGrip PowerKnob  
EDS-1710ST-16-75T  16” Wheel 
EDS-1710ST-16-KIT  16” Wheel w/ PowerKnob 
EDS-1710ST-16-KITCG  16” Wheel w/ ComfortGrip PowerKnob  
BRAND: Edson
Type: Steering Wheels and Accessories
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