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Vetus water heaters are double walled with increased heating surfaces for faster heating. The engine coolant is circulated between the inner and the outer jacket of the Vetus heater, which heats up the fresh water inside the inner boiler.

Heats with engine coolant water when engine is running and electrical heater coil when engine is off. The insulation material used is of such high efficiency that the loss of heat in the fresh water is only around 21.8F per 24 hours.

Vetus water heaters may be installed either horizontally or vertically. A connection set and a 120 Volts - 1000 Watt electrical heating element are supplied with the unit. Connection Set consists of 4 reducing nipples (G 1/2" - 5/8") for 5/8" diameter water hose, a T-piece, a pressure relief valve and a non-return valve, provided with 2 water drain nipples; useful during winter storage.

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Inner Boiler  304 Stainless Steel 
Outer Jacket  304 Stainless Steel 
Insulation  Polyester foam, 1.4 inch thickness 
Engine Coolant Connection  G 1/2 
Fresh Water Connection  G 1/2 
Heating Element Connection  G 1/4 
Setting of relief valve fresh water  4 bar (56 lbs./ sq inch) 
The heater comes complete with mounting brackets
BRAND: Vetus
Type: Water Heater
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May be great but missing plumbing kit


This has Euro standard (BSP) plumbing that doesn't work with US pipe fittings. The heater is supposed to come with a kit to make it compatible but it didn't. Jamestown tried to get me a kit but there were none in the US so I returned it. Looks like a really nice heater. Should be great if you can plumb it.


Marion MA


Vetus Water Heaters



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