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Vetus Steel Bow Thruster Tunnels

Vetus steel tunnels are the preferred tube to install bow thrusters on steel hulled vessels. Select the appropriate tube diameter based on the particular bow thruster model specifications. It is most cost effective and efficient to err on the side of a longer tube if unsure of the particular length required for the vessel.
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The smaller the diameter of the thuster tunnel, the less resistance it will cause when under way. In addition, a smaller tunnel may be installed further forward which enhances the turning moment of the boat.

Tunnel sizing:
Diameter (inches) x Length (inches)

Tunnel Model


Tunnel Diameter


Compatible Thruster Model

BP110  4-11/32 inches  BOW 25 
BP150  5-29/32 inches  BOW 35, BOW 55 
BP185  7-9/32 inches  BOW 60, BOW 75, BOW 95 
BP250  9-7/8 inches  BOW 125, BOW 160 
BP300  11-13/16 inches  BOW 220, BOW 285 
BP400  15-3/4 inches  BOW 410, BOW 550 
BRAND: Vetus
Type: Thruster Tunnels
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