Norton ProSand Multi Air 6 Inch Universal Sanding Discs
Norton Norton
  • Norton ProSand Multi Air 6 Inch Universal Sanding Discs
  • Norton ProSand 6 inch Multi-Air Cyclonic Design

Norton ProSand Multi Air 6 Inch Universal Sanding Discs

Norton ProSand Multi-Air 6 Inch Universal Sanding Discs are ideal for stripping paints and primers, and can also be used for blending, leveling, finishing, and dimensioning. The new multi-hole vacuum design cuts faster, lasts longer, & requires fewer disc changes. Its unique, multi-hole pattern provides virtually dust-free sanding.

The high-quality ceramic abrasive offers an exceptional cut on bare wood, metal, fiberglass, & plastic. The fiber-reinforced latex/paper backing is resistant to tearing, and the anti-clog coating resists clogging. The patented universal multi-air cyclonic 346-hole pattern ensures these discs can be used on any 6-inch random orbital hook & loop sander regardless of hole pattern.

Multi-air 6 in. discs are available in grits ranging from coarse to very fine. Sold in packs 50 discs.

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ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic discs are the next generation of hook and loop vacuum sanding discs, and replace Norton's previous 3X technology. ProSand Multi-Air Cyclonic Discs offer a faster cut and longer sanding life than 3X.

ProSand Features & Benefits

  • Patented, ceramic alumina abrasive, P-graded (40-320)
  • Lasts longer than 3X and conventional aluminum oxide
  • Consistent finish, superior cut rate
  • Unique, fiber-reinforced backing
  • Resists edge tearing
  • Non-pigmented, water-based zinc stearate (anti-clog), open coat
  • Reduced loading
  • No finish contamination
  • Patented, universal vac hole pattern fits ALL 6 inch hook & loop vacuum sanders.

Multi-Air Cyclonic Design Benefits

  • 346 holes in the multi-hole design pattern create a sanding surface that is virtually dust-free
  • Smaller holes put more abrasive on the sanding surface to expedite sanding jobs and reduce labor costs
  • Changing out discs less often increases productivity
Item Number  Grit  Grit Description  Quantity/Pack 
NOT-05489  P80  Coarse  50 / BULK PACK 
NOT-05488  P100  Medium  50 / BULK PACK 
NOT-05487  P120  Medium  50 / BULK PACK 
NOT-05486  P150  Medium  50 / BULK PACK 
NOT-05484  P220  Very Fine  50 / BULK PACK 
Even with the best dust free system it is impossible to eliminate 100% of all airborne dust particles while using power sanders. We always recommend safety equipment such as a respirator, safety glasses and gloves when using these products.
BRAND: Norton
Hole Pattern: Multi-Hole
Material: Ceramic Alumina
Type: Discs
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