Victron Cyrix battery combiner
Victron Energy Victron Battery Isolator and Combiner
  • Victron Cyrix battery combiner

Victron Cyrix Battery Combiners

Victron Cyrix battery combiners are a superior alternative to diode isolators. The main advantage that combiners have over isolators is the combiners extremely low voltage loss that makes it unnecessary to increase the output voltages of alternators or battery chargers.

The Victron Cyrix are microprocessor controlled, heavy duty relays that automatically connects batteries to the charging circuit when it reaches a preset voltage (indicating battery is charging), and disconnects when voltage decreases below float level (indicating discharge).

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Cyrix Battery Combiner Features:

  • 12/24 Volt auto ranging (24/48V version also available)
  • Bidirectional voltage sensing
  • Replacement for diode isolators
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • No voltage loss
  • Connect Voltage 13.8/27.6 VDC


Cyrix Part Number  Amps  Voltage Range 
VIC-CYR010230010R  230 Amp  12/24V 
VIC-CYR010400000  400 Amp  12/24V 
VIC-CYR010120011R  120 Amp  12/24V 
VIC-CYR020400000  400 Amp  24/48V 
BRAND: Victron Energy
Type: Isolators / Converters
4.7 3

Works Great!


Keeps both batteries charged! Perfect function, but flimsy mounting tab and only one mounting screw.


Biddeford Pool, ME


Good value


Form factor could be larger to accommodate off the shelf pre-made battery cables. I believe there may be a kit that includes cables; that would be a plus.


Rhode Island


Victron Cyrix Battery Combiner


I have installed two of these on separate boats and this an excellent product at a good price.


Plymouth, MA


Victron Cyrix Battery Combiners



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