Teakdecking Systems Seam Sander
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Teakdecking Systems Seam Sander

Teak Decking Systems Seam Sander prepares teak for caulking by removing removes final caulking residue and providing a clean surface for new caulk to bond to.

Use to vertically sand the sides of seams. Sander can be adjusted to allow for sanding depths from 5mm to 22mm. Specially designed for a long life and easy operation, this seam sander features a comfortable smooth grip and is manufactured of the finest quality steel and hardwood.

Kit includes, smooth grip handle, sanding surface and six sanding pads.
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BRAND: Teakdecking Systems
Type: Caulking Tools
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The Right Tools Make All the Difference


Removed caulk from my sailboat teak toe rail last October 2018 without the aid of these simple but important TDS tools. Doing additional work on the toe rail this summer with these tools--so much better!


Carlisle, MA

used too much sand paper


it works ok but you need so much sand paper may be better if you could turn the paper upside down after the lower side is used,,,

snadra Jane

st Simons Island Georgia


Really useful specialty tool for teak de


With no instructions, it takes a few moments of puzzling to figure out just how to use this tool. Once that's done, it does what is supposed to do very well - cleaning out rough spots and left over caulk in deck seams to prepare them for recaulking. Greatly speeds up otherwise tedious job.



Seam Sander


One of the screw holes stripped out, i.e. the insert spun in the block sander the first time I tried to tighten the screw. Frustrating when you spend that kind of $$$ on a product.

Todd the Sander

St Petersburg FL


Teakdecking Systems Seam Sander



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