Heavy Duty Snubbers
  • Heavy Duty Snubbers

Heavy Duty Snubbers

These heavy duty, custom molded snubbers from CR Marine are made from durable EPDM rubber. They are designed to deliver outstanding resistance against harsh marine environments including protection from sunlight, salt water and ozone. Their flexible, elastic structure provides resiliency, allowing the snubbers to respond properly in a variety of weather and sea conditions.

Proven to increase the life of dock lines and offer protection to both boats and cleats, CR Marine snubbers feature superior shock-reduction capabilities, preventing the fiberglass around a boat's dock cleats from suffering spider-web cracks. They do so by lessening sudden impacts to the tackle and rigging.

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Each end of the snubbers contains a high-strength, injection molded locking system that provides secure locking of the mooring ring. As the line is pulled the grip of the snubber becomes tighter, eliminating any chafing or wear. Available for a variety of line sizes, these new and improved snubbers are sure to add superior protection to your boat's dock line, cleats, tackle and rigging.
BRAND: CR Marine
Type: Snubbers
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snubbers on dock lines


Lasted 2 weeks with 3/4" line as dock lines on a 50' sail boat. End where line feed through simply cut though the 3 strand line. No workable as a snubber on a dock line. I'm going to try braided line - 1" but I think the result will be the same.

Sailboat Seute Deern

Brookings Harbor Brookings Oregon


Avoid These Snubbers


One of these snubbers cut thru 1/2 inch yacht braid line on their first 30 knot blow. I have had another mfg. snubbers on my bigger boat for the last 12 years and in winds of over 100 mph have never had a line fail. I am throwing these away and going to the other mfg. snubbers.

Captain Morgan



Excellent snubbers


Just as described. Excellent snubbers for use with docking lines.

Sagamore Fisher

Louisburg, NC


Heavy Duty Snubbers



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