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CR Marine Spreader Boots

Made of flexible, tough EPDM rubber that is non-marking on sails, these spreader boots from CR Marine are both easy to use and strong enough to withstand harsh marine environments.

Each boot is molded in a split form, allowing them to fit quickly and easily over the stay and spreader end, even after the mast has been stepped. They can be secured in place with all-weather tape, eliminating the need for temporary taping.

The EPDM rubber construction allows the boots to be resistant to weather, sea and temperature extremes as well as hard use, providing sails with durable protection from tears and chafing.

Ensure maximum sail performance with CR Marine spreader boots, which are designed with a smaller frontal area that lessens wind resistance and reduces drag.

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Item Number  Size  Fits Boats on Which Spreaders Are: 
CRP-101663  Small  3/4 in. or less 
CRP-101668  Medium  3/4 in. to 1-1/8 in. 
CRP-101664  Large  1-1/8 in. to 3 in. 
NOTE: Because rigging diameter and spreader styles vary widely, a precise fit is unlikely. Riggers prefer a slight gap in boot to allow for drainage and prevent corrosion. Rubber may also be trimmed to size to prevent overlap.
BRAND: CR Marine
Type: Spreader Boots
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spreader boots


Be sure you know the diameter of your spreader before you order. Mine is 1" round and the medium boot fits perfectly. I used the manufacturers diagram which has the dimentions on it to size the boot I needed. I think oversized would be better than undersized because triming a boot that is too big would be easier than trying to stretch one that does not fit

Captn' Bill

Grand Island, Fl


med boots almost fit my spreaders but...


After reading the other review, I bought the medium boots for my 1 1/8" spreaders. However, I have acorn nuts that project past the 1 1/8" diameter so the boots cannot close tightly, leaving gaps. I think I will take some string, wrap the spreader tip over the nuts, and then measure it to find the overall circumference and the divide by pi to get an overall spreader tip diameter. Maybe large will fit better....Overall seems to be a good product other than vague sizing.

Pseudoknowitall guy

Boulder, CO


good product but watch the size


The product is excellent, but users have to be careful to get the right size. This small size spreader says it will work up to a 1.5" spreader, but that is only if you stretch it out and let the sides open. If you want a snug fit, get a medium boot for a spreader around 1" or bit more, and a large for anything bigger. The small only has a spreader opening for about a 3/4" spreader.


Williams Bay, WI


CR Marine Spreader Boots



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