CR Marine Automatic Drain Plug
  • CR Marine Automatic Drain Plug
  • CR drain plug flapper valve assembly

CR Marine Automatic Drain Plug

CR Marine's new and improved automatic drain plug is rubber molded and engineered to provide efficient drainage of a boat's hull. A unique duck bill flapper valve (sold separately) automatically drains water when the boat is underway and when inserted in a transom drain hole, this plug provides a water-tight seal as the boat slows or stops.

The automatic drain plug is removable and requires no screws, making it easy to use, check and clean. Designed to fit all standard 1" diameter drains on transoms up to 2-1/4" thick.

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Replacement Flapper Bill Sold Separately
BRAND: CR Marine
Type: Drain Plugs and Tubes
4.3 3



It easy to install. Fast shipping. Very happy




Like product[...]


Pros:- Installed easily, just had to twist and insert.- When plugged or unplugged, did not appear to leak during trial run.Cons:- drained very slowly, poured 5gal. water into boat, (50hp 4stroke, running for approx. 20min. at almost top speed, only drained approx. 1.5 gal.)Continued boating at medium-slow speed for approx. 45 min. Approximately 1.5-2gal. drained out when I trailered the boat.[...]

Don't Do Nicknames!

Wasilla, AK


Good design, not quite simple to install


A little difficult to install, as rubber pieces would stick because they are brand new when they should slide. Some vegetable oil helped everything fit together. No directions on assembly before install, although there are only 4 parts so it was not tough to figure out.

Night Hammer

Jupiter, FL


CR Marine Automatic Drain Plug



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