Victron 700 single battery monitor
Victron Energy Victron
  • Victron 700 single battery monitor
  • Victron 702 dual battery monitor
  • 700HS shunt

Victron BMV Battery Monitors

Victron Battery Monitors precisely calculate voltage, current and ampere-hours consumed, discharged current, temperature and battery condition.

A backlit display shows several standard measurements including battery voltage, battery charge/discharge current, ampere-hour consumption, state of charge as a percentage, time until full discharge, and more. The unit may be programmed to sound an alarm or activate a generator when batteries reach a critical level.

700 (single battery) and 702 (dual battery) models have a safe voltage input range of 6.5V to 95VDC. Model BMV-700HS is designed for higher voltage applications between 60 and 385 VDC input.

Note: The 700 and 702 are the latest upgraded versions of the popular 600 and 602 series instruments. The 600 and 602 are discontinued and no longer available.

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Standard Features

  • Battery voltage, current, power, ampere-hours consumed and state of charge
  • Time to go at the current rate of discharge
  • Programmable visual and audible alarm
  • Programmable relay, to turn off non-critical loads or to run a generator when needed
  • 500 Amp quick connect shunt and connection kit
  • Shunt selection capability up to 10,000 Amps
  • VE.Direct communication port
  • Stores a wide range of historical events , which can be used to evaluate usage patterns and battery health
  • Wide input voltage range: 6.5 - 95 VDC (BMV700, 702)
  • High input voltage range: 60 - 385 VDC (BMV700HS)
  • Additional input to measure voltage (of a second battery), temperature or midpoint voltage, and corresponding alarm and relay settings (BMV702)
  • Also included is a separate front bezel for a square or round display appearance; a securing ring for the rear mounting and screws for the front mounting.
  • Cables included: RJ 12 cable (10 m ) and battery cable with fuse (2 m )

Variables Monitored

  • Battery voltage (V)
  • Battery charge/discharge current (A)
  • Ampere-hours consumed (Ah)
  • State of charge (%)
  • Time remaining before complete discharge
  • Visual and audible alarm: 'over voltage,' 'under voltage,' and/or 'battery discharged.'
  • Programmable alarm or generator start relay


Battery Monitor comparison  BMV-700  BMV-702 (Gray)  BMV-702 (Black)  BMV-700HS 
Part Number  VIC-BAM010700000  VIC-BAM010702000  VIC-BAM010702200R  VIC-BAM010700100 
Supply Voltage Range  6.5 - 95 VDC  6.5 - 95 VDC  6.5 - 95 VDC  60 - 385 VDC 
Current Draw, back light off  < 4mA  < 4mA  < 4mA  < 4mA 
Input Voltage range, auxiliary battery  NA  6.5 - 95 VDC  6.5 - 95 VDC  NA 
Battery Capacity (Ah)  20 - 9999 Ah  20 - 9999 Ah  20 - 9999 Ah  20 - 9999 Ah 
Operating Temperature Range  -20 +50°C (0 - 120° F)  -20 +50°C (0 - 120° F)  -20 +50°C (0 - 120° F)  -20 +50°C (0 - 120° F) 
Measures Voltage of 2nd battery, or temperature, or midpoint  NO  YES  YES  NO 
Temperature Measurement Range  -20 +50°C (0 - 120° F)  -20 +50°C (0 - 120° F)  -20 +50°C (0 - 120° F)  NA 
VE.Direct communication port  YES  YES  YES  YES 
Relay  60V/1A normally open (function can be inverted)  60V/1A normally open (function can be inverted)  60V/1A normally open (function can be inverted)  60V/1A normally open (function can be inverted) 
BRAND: Victron Energy
Type: Battery Monitors
4.4 13

Good price/an accurate battry monitor


Good for accurate monitor of boat batteries off shore power, especially with heavy draw refrigeration. Shows Ah out and in!




Really good value for money


Installed this in our sailboat to monitor the battery banks. This was super simple to install due to the included wiring and customized shunt. So far it works great does exactly what I needed it to do.

Andersons Abroad



Victron Battery Monitor


This is a great unit that provides good information about your battery bank




Hardware Good-Users Guide not so


Installation is simple except for routing the wiring. The display characters are readable but the blue backlighting is not friendly to aging eyes. The users guide is way too small - the print is hard to read without a magnifying glass.The battery condition info available should relieve some stress when cruising.


San Diego, CA


So Far So Good


Using it to monitor 6 12v AGM house bank and 2 12v AGM starting batteries. With solar and wind generators, inverter and engine alternator there is a lot going in and out. I will continue to check if the readings have real world validity, so far so good. Set up was a bit tedious but not difficult. The cord was about 3 times what I needed but it beats being too short! The small size makes for an easy fit in an otherwise crowded space and the choice of round or square is nice. I may get the computer link as well to track consumption and charge better. The shunt has nice long terminals so a number of cables can be attached.


Norfolk, heading for the Bahamas


No more worries...


I've always wanted a modern system to monitor the battery banks in my sailboat, and with the Victron 602, I can now do this easily and economically. After buying the unit online from Jamestown Distributors, I found the installation to be simple and straightforward. During the installation, I discovered that the inline fuse from the battery to the monitor was defective so I called Jamestown Distributors and spoke to a helpful rep who sent a set of replacement fuses to my house the next day. Now, in addition to keeping tabs on both battery banks, I am able to tell at a glance when my solar panel is supplying a charge back to the batteries.

Bird man

Jamestown, RI


Know your energy usage!


As an engineer, I appreciate knowing exactly how much energy is being consumed at any point in time as well as cumulatively. State of charge is displayed, along with precise voltage. It is much easier to monitor and maintain the house batteries with this meter. Nice looking display, fits right in on the instrument panel.

Captain Red

east coast, USA


Great product; No more guessing


The system is installed in simple two-battery bank configuration -- one house battery, one start battery. Although the batteries can be isolated, so engine starting is not a problem, the house battery status has been an unknown until now. During longer racing and overnight racing, where we typically run a tablet computer, tacktick system, VHF, lights etc, knowing the amount of charge remaining is helpful to know when to start the engine for a charge. Moreover, this system gives you an immediate reading as to the current load on the system and a projected time when recharging will be required. Installation was dead simple and the compact size of the display and the included shunt didn't use up too much space next to the power panel. This is a no brainer if you want to better understand your electrical system and battery capacity.


Newport RI




Battery Monitor worked great for 4 months. Screen went dark due to a failed shunt. Warranty replacement works OK.


Baltimore MD


Love it




sarasota florida


Victron BMV Battery Monitors



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