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Wera Kraftform Plus Insulated Screwdriver Set 160 i/6

Wera Kraftform Plus series 100 VDE screwdrivers are electrically insulated. This 6 piece set features ergonomic Kraftform handles formed from the human grip to give optimum power transfer. Handle ends are marked with size. Hex shoulder prevents tool rollaway.

Electrically insulated screwdrivers are safe for working with up to 1000 volts. Blades are etched with Lasertip technology to bite into the fastener head.

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  • Set 160 i/6 includes:
  • Four - 160 i VDE Slotted Screwdrivers
  • Two - 162 i PH VDE Phillips Screwdrivers - Size 1, Size 2,
  • Wall mount rack


Type: Screwdrivers
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