MAS Epoxies Phenolic Micro Balloon Fillers
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MAS Epoxies Phenolic Micro Balloon Fillers

Phenolic Micro Balloons by MAS Epoxies is a low-density bulking agent that creates a lightweight fairing compound when mixed with epoxy that can be easily sanded and shaped. It is ideal for filling cracks, fixing chips or dings, shaping, and resurfacing. Once properly cured, paint may be applied directly over repaired surfaces with no prepping.

MAS Micro Balloons is made of hollow microscopic Phenolic spheres, which have a purple-brown color. It has a great strength to weight ratio, though it is not recommended for gluing or weight bearing bonding.

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Fantastic Stuff !


Extremely easy to use... Mixes very quickly without clumping making a very consistent smooth filler... can be mixed in a wide range of consistencies from light syrup to peanut butter, and still performs well…=Cures to a fairly easy sandable product when used with Total boat epoxy resin. Not too soft, or too hard… Just right for fairing… will sag on vertical surfaces if too thin, simply mix thicker…½ gallon is more than enough to fair all projects and hull on a 25 foot boat…Extremely great value…LOVE THE STUFF!!!


North Miss...


MAS Epoxies Phenolic Micro Balloon Fillers



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