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WEST System Six10 Thickened Epoxy Adhesive

West System Six10 is a thickened epoxy adhesive that combines the strength and reliability of a two-part epoxy with the easy to use convenience of a single part formula.

Cartridges feature mixing tips that ensure the right ratio of resin and hardener is automatically mixed upon application. Easy to apply with a standard caulking gun, Six10's unique non sagging formula lets this epoxy bond tenaciously to wood, metals, fiberglass, and concrete. Colorless resin and hardener.

Are you working on your boat or project after work or on the weekend? Not having to mix resin and hardener beforehand saves time. Are you working overhead, on vertical surfaces, or tight spaces? This thick adhesive won't cause problems with sagging or runoff.

Additional static mixing tips can be purchased separately.

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Six10 Application & Cure Time Informaiton

Six10 cures in temperatures as low as 50F. Working time is 42 minutes at 72F. It cures to a solid state in 5-6 hours and will take high loads in 24 hours. The cure time is faster at warm temperatures and slower in cool temperatures. The Six10 cartridge holds 190 ml of epoxy resin and hardener.

To use this adhesive, replace the retaining nut and plug on the West System Six10 dispensing cartridge with the 600 Static Mixer that comes attached to the cartridge. Dispense the mixed 2-part epoxy adhesive using a standard caulking gun.

The efficient internal geometry of the 600 Mixer thoroughly blends resin and hardener in a short mixing length for good application control and a minimum of waste. Place high-strength, non-sagging Six10 thickened epoxy exactly where it's needed in less time and with no mess.

Additional 600 Static Mixer nozzles are available in packages of two or twelve.

If you're doing a small job, you don't have to use the static mixer. Simply squeeze out what you'll need (maybe even a little less- you can always mix a little more if short) onto a piece of poster board or plywood and stir thoroughly. The resin and hardener are slightly different colors; use this color difference to gauge the thoroughness of your mix. All should be a consistent color with no streaks.

Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Strength: Strong
Type: Epoxy Adhesive
Usage: Bonding
3.7 15

I would definitely buy this product again!


This stuff was awesome. I used it for several projects on my build. The best use was on the gunnal. I don't have the patience or time to steam wood but I do have an ample supply of clamps. Like always, I saturated all my raw pieces with epoxy and sanded once dry. Then I used brunt force to bend the wood in place after applying 6 10. I let it dry over night. In the AM, I found a very clean and very strong bond once I removed my clamps. No drips, sags, or blemishes. Great stuff!

Mike in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, CT


difficult to use


used to glue strip planks




fly fishing net lamination


Great for gluing up wood pieces to fork fishing nets


hudson ma


Don't waste your money


I bought this to fill a few gaps that opened up on my new wood driftboat. When I first applied, I was thrilled, went on clear and very easy, so after filling the gaps I thought I'd cover the scratches on my beautiful red oak trim. What a mistake, I came back the next day and my oak trim had white streaks everywhere I applied this epoxy. I have 25 years as a taxidermist and would recommend Jamestown add a product taxidermist use, I believe it is used in the aircraft industry too; taxidermy supply companies sell under the name of Smooth Out or Magic Smooth, much less expensive and harden to almost clear, depending on how thick it is applied.


Shamokin, PA


Great product, but . . .


I got this to tack between the stitches on a stitch and glue kayak. The tip dispenser is perfect for this. I also used it to bond the pieces for a hatch hold down and the strength is great.I did have problems dispensing after only 10 or 15 minutes. I though that since the product isn't mixed until it enters the tip, curing in the tip would not be a problem. This was not the case. I changed tips and finished the tube but had the same problem with the second tube. These were continuous applications but in 20 minutes it became almost impossible to get anything through the tip.I did use it without the tip, mixing in a cup and it worked great. Good tack. The parts stayed where I put them. Didn't need clamps.


Warwick, R I


JD response improves competition sales


JD emailed me saying they were cancelling my order of West system six10 because it was hazardous. I immediatly ordered from another sourse and it is in the mail. Will I be likely to order from JD or, the more reliable source? Which supplier will I recommend to others in person and online?


US Military overseas




After pulling the boat and finding numerous jell-coat nicks on the bottom that needed repair, the old system of mixing and then getting it to stick to the boat while you are laying on your back just didn't get it! The ease of "squirting" the mix "up" directly onto the damaged area saved many hours of "mix, mess & drip". I love this stuff. The only drawback is that you can work so fast that you have to watch the rate in which you go thru the mix to insure you pace yourself and have enough to last to the end.

Lunch Money

Goose Bay, MD


use it all


Love the product. Remove the nozzle (static mixer) when done cut a small rubber washer to fit in back of nozzle with hole in center, use air pressure hose (blower) to blow through hole to clean out all the epoxy from the nozzle. works great none is wasted.

Dave Satter

New Jersey


I Would Not Recommend.


I ran a single bead of this glue around the transom frame and when I got back to the start point the color was not the same. In fact the color changed through out the beads length. I should have stopped but thinking it would be OK I applied the plywood. Three weeks later the glue in some areas is still not hard. Lucky that these are above the water line. Yes I did waste the first few inches into a cup.




Bonding and filleting made easy


As an amateur builder, working on evenings and weekends, Six10 is a timesaver. Mixing is limited to unthickened wet out. I can fly with the cartridges, laying the thickened epoxy wherever I want, following up with shaping and filleting. Also holds in situations where my mixes might have run out. I also use it in scarfs to dam the edges of the scarf and then feed more unthickened epoxy (which is stronger) from the top. That's a win-win.


Willow Street, PA


WEST System Six10 Thickened Epoxy Adhesive



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