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WEST System Six10 Thickened Epoxy Adhesive

West System Six10 is a thickened epoxy adhesive that combines the strength and reliability of a two-part epoxy with the easy to use convenience of a single part formula.

Cartridges feature mixing tips that ensure the right ratio of resin and hardener is automatically mixed upon application. Easy to apply with a standard caulking gun, Six10's unique non sagging formula lets this epoxy bond tenaciously to wood, metals, fiberglass, and concrete. Colorless resin and hardener.

Are you working on your boat or project after work or on the weekend? Not having to mix resin and hardener beforehand saves time. Are you working overhead, on vertical surfaces, or tight spaces? This thick adhesive won't cause problems with sagging or runoff.

Additional static mixing tips can be purchased separately.

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Six10 Application & Cure Time Informaiton

Six10 cures in temperatures as low as 50F. Working time is 42 minutes at 72F. It cures to a solid state in 5-6 hours and will take high loads in 24 hours. The cure time is faster at warm temperatures and slower in cool temperatures. The Six10 cartridge holds 190 ml of epoxy resin and hardener.

To use this adhesive, replace the retaining nut and plug on the West System Six10 dispensing cartridge with the 600 Static Mixer that comes attached to the cartridge. Dispense the mixed 2-part epoxy adhesive using a standard caulking gun.

The efficient internal geometry of the 600 Mixer thoroughly blends resin and hardener in a short mixing length for good application control and a minimum of waste. Place high-strength, non-sagging Six10 thickened epoxy exactly where it's needed in less time and with no mess.

Additional 600 Static Mixer nozzles are available in packages of two or twelve.

If you're doing a small job, you don't have to use the static mixer. Simply squeeze out what you'll need (maybe even a little less- you can always mix a little more if short) onto a piece of poster board or plywood and stir thoroughly. The resin and hardener are slightly different colors; use this color difference to gauge the thoroughness of your mix. All should be a consistent color with no streaks.

Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Strength: Strong
Type: Epoxy Adhesive
Usage: Bonding
4.0 26

Great Product


So glad to have come across this product!




I definitely would buy this product again!


I used this to fill some small to midsize gaps in an older boat. Worked great!!




Great Product...a little deceptive


I have used West System products since 2009...love the products. Tried the 6/10 first time a couple of days ago for my drift boat....did a small section to get a feel for the product and it's process. Very easy. What really shocked me...thought it was great started to tackle the complete project. Decision to proceed was based on the size of the tube...did not realize at the time, you get just shy of half a tube of product. The rest is the plastic plunger...(I cut it open to make sure I had not messed something up). Really think this should be made clear in caption somewhere.....I would have bought more before tackling this project had I known.


Hermon, Maine


Buy this product


I am an armature boat restorer who is bringing a 1988 Grady White back to life and not an expert in Fiberglass work. I used this product to fill in holes and cracked where the transom and upper cap meet, it worked perfect and I am very pleased with the results. Was able to work it into all the crooks and crannies that need repairs, dried hard as a rock but was easy to sand and paint. I was hesitant to use as some of the reviews warned about how hard it was to get out of the tube but lets face it, this is Thickened Epoxy and with a good caulking gun you will have no problem -- just take you time and only go as fast as the gun will give you the product. Would buy and use this product again.

Capt. Roy

Cocoa Beach, Florida


i have bought and used this product before


used to repair and complete rear transom on 2014 Clark Craft Barracuda

Do it yourself Dan

lancaster Pa


I would buy this product again


Used the epoxy to fasten and seal a tough steel to steel joint on a 66 Mustang restroom rod I'm building. Great workability, good slow initial set, great overnight solid setup.


Clinton, Il




Halfway through using the tube on a continuous bead, it became almost impossible to pump it through the nozzle. I changed nozzles and was just able to complete laying out my bead, which was approximately 15 feet long. The shop temperature was 65 degrees and the tubes were only about two-three weeks old. It would be a great product if it worked, but I found it a very expensive and frustrating product to use. After years of use, this id the first time I have been disappointed by a West System product.






Utilize for historic timber repair with fantastic results, this product allows for the conservation of more of the original subject material typically lost to longer scarf and like mechanical joints.

Nutmeg Salvage

East Sandwich, Massachusetts


Great product & easy to use


I have used a lot of this in the restoration of my Combo Cruiser and it is great. The only down side is that each tube only is filled halfway.


Las Cruces, NM


Great product


An ingenious method of packaging epoxy for ease of use.




WEST System Six10 Thickened Epoxy Adhesive



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