Caviness UVBW Unvarnished Oars
Caviness Caviness
  • Caviness UVBW Unvarnished Oars

Caviness UVBW Unvarnished Oars

Caviness UVBW unvarnished boat oars are designed to be painted to match your boat or finished with any high quality wood varnish. Finish them yourself and save!
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  • Length: 5 feet through 8 feet in 6 inch increments
  • Approximate Blade Dimensions: 5" x 21" (6 feet)
  • Shaft Dimensions At Grip: 1-3/8", At Throat: 1-3/8"
  • Approximate Weight: 40 oz. (6 feet)
  • Standard Features: Unvarnish Finish


Quick Oar Length Estimate: Take half (1/2) the distance between the oar locks and multiply by 3, then add 6 inches.

BRAND: Caviness
Type: Oars
2.0 2

low grade


Very low quality. Appears to be constructed of laminated SPF 2x4s. Has voids, splits and other imperfections. Lacks straight grain. The shaft diameter is undersized and as a result the shaft flexes and the hand grips are uncomfortable. The undersized diameter also causes lots of play in the oarlock. Oar leathers cannot sufficiently bulk these up, and depending on your leathers may not add enough thickness to keep the oar from sliding out of the oarlock. After trying these and being so displeased, I shopped around and bought another much higher quality pair that cost the same amount. Don't settle for these. You will be disappointed.

Benny C.

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Quality control


Quality control is a problem. One oar was perfect but the shaft on the other was starting to split. Didn't have time to return the defective oar so chose to repair it. The previous pair saw 41 years of hard use. It doesn't appear as though these will stand a chance.


Ballston Lake , New York

Caviness UVBW Unvarnished Oars



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