Caviness Cavpro KPA Kayak Paddles
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  • Caviness Cavpro KPA Kayak Paddles

Caviness Cavpro KPA Kayak Paddles

Caviness Cavpro KPA kayak paddles feature a unique take-down ferrule made from a reinforced nylon material. This ferrule can be positioned at 60 degrees left, right or inline for better control. Grooves on the ferrule prevent the build-up of sand and debris, maintaining a tight, trouble-free fit. Available in lengths of 230 and 240 cm.

The KPA paddles' ferrule allows 3 different blade positions for better control in different water conditions, and enhanced comfort when paddling.

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The shafts of the Cavpro Kayak Paddles are vinyl-wrapped black anodized aluminum and are ovalized at normal hand position.

The Cavpro Kayak Paddles are available in three colors and feature a high-impact asymmetrical plastic blade measuring 7-1/4" x 18-1/4".

BRAND: Caviness
Type: Kayak Paddles
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Excellent Purchase


Purchased this same paddle at another store but the paddle was black, I wanted the yellow paddle and Jamestown came through with the item and very quick shipment. VERY PLEASED with the service.


Hamburg, PA


I would buy this product again and again


Some seem to be having some issues with the connector, so I decided to contact customer service at Caviness. Their customer service is absolutely great! It was explained to me that they did had a run of unacceptable connectors that got into the market and will either replace these faulty connectors. They have reformulated the connector material have tested it extensively without a single failure. Based on this information, I decided to purchase the Caviness CavPro Kayak Paddle as I was assured that they would stand behind their product and it is made in the USA!!! I have had the paddle for 6 months and have used it many, many hours in all types of water. Caviness was right....the connector on the paddle I received is rock solid. I highly recommend this paddle and the folks at Caviness.

Kayaking Man

Ocoee, Tn


Worked great till it snapped in half


Worked great. Grabs the water and is lightweight and comfortable to use.I loved this paddle... Up to the point that the paddle snapped in half on a hot day in the middle of a lake. The plastic connecter that is used to attach the ends of the paddle together is not acceptable. On a hot day the plastic gets soft and breaks.This is bad design and can easily be fixed. Until then... not recommended.




Good Paddle, POOR Quality


I am a pretty tame kayaker, normally just float about 6 hour day trips on a slow river. However, I have had 2 of these paddle break on me. One was a fluke incident on a sandbar, but the other was mid stroke my paddle just snapped in half. I believe the use of plastic male end for the attachment is what caused this.

Patrick "River Reaper"





Great paddles! Reasonably priced! They come apart mid-shaft for easy traveling and storage; it is also the area of adjustment for the paddle angle.Very light weight; made of a good quality plastic; they definitely are not 'cheap looking'. [...]I have used them on a few NH Lakes - they work great and are comfortable to use.

Lakes of New Hampshire

Atkinson, NH


Caviness Cavpro KPA Kayak Paddles



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