PowerFilm Foldable Solar Charger 5W
PowerFilm PowerFilm
  • PowerFilm Foldable Solar Charger 5W
  • PowerFilm Foldable Solar Charger 10W

PowerFilm Foldable Solar Chargers

PowerFilm folding solar chargers let you charge laptops, cell phones, PDA's, GPS devices, iPods.

PowerFilm's line of thin, flexible solar panels are available in a variety of configurations. Folding chargers may be combined with PowerFilm's extensive line of accessories for even more applications. These highly efficient solar panels will work even on cloudy and overcast days.

Each foldable charger is extremely lightweight and compact, making them easily portable anywhere. The largest charger can be folded into a laptop bag or backpack, and the smallest charger can easily fit inside a cargo pocket. Each panel is designed with the elements in mind. They are sewn into a durable, UV and weather resistant material to handle a wide range of environments.

Available in 5 and 10 watt configurations. Each panel includes a 12V female receptacle adaptor (RA-2).

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  • Ideal for Charging Wireless Electronics (Laptops, GPS, Cell Phones, PDA's)
  • Works with most 12 Volt Systems (Battery Maintenance, Marine, Field Communication Radios, Heavy Equipment, Military Vehicles, Lighting, Security Systems, and more)
  • Charge almost all Lithium, NiCad, or NiMH Batteries


Note: A Charge Controller is recommended for 20W and higher solar chargers. This prevents batteries and other devices from being overcharged, which can cause catastrophic damage.
*Additional adapters/equipment may be required
Specifications  PFS-15300N (5 Watt)  PFS-15600 (10 Watt) 
Operating Voltage (Volts)  15.4  15.4 
Operating Current (Amps)  .3  .6 
Weight (lbs)  0.48  0.73 
Unfolded Dimensions (inches)  25 x 11.5  23.7 x 21 
Folded Dimensions (inches)  5.7 x 4.5 x 1  10.5 x 3.5 x 1.3 
BRAND: PowerFilm
Type: Solar Power

PowerFilm Foldable Solar Chargers



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