Aquagard Anti-fouling Transducer Spray
Aquagard Flexdel Marine Paint
  • Aquagard Anti-fouling Transducer Spray

Aquagard Anti-fouling Transducer Spray

Aquagard Transducer Paint provides a barrier that helps keep transducers free of barnacles, algae, and other marine growth. This anti-fouling paint is ideal for use on nylon or bronze transducers. Clean transducers improve depth sounder and fish finder performance.

Aquagard's AF transducer spray is simple, easy, and effective. Once transducer is clean and dry, simply spray on and let dry. Apply two coats of paint for optimal results. Available in black in a convenient 6 ounce spray can.

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Painting your boat's transducer

Clean the transducer of corrosion, dirt, grease, oil, marine growth, and any other foreign matter. Lightly sand to remove any dust, debris, and other surface contaminants generated by the cleaning process prior to painting. Make sure the transducer is dry.

Bring to room temperature (close to 72°F) before spraying. Shake can for 3 minutes while listening for the mixing ball. Apply two (2) coats of paint for optimal results. Inadequate surface preparation will result in unsatisfactory performance.

BRAND: Aquagard
Type: Transducer AF Paint
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Never will buy this product again


Bought this transducer paint to replace what I thought was a defective can. The paint I had on hand sprayed poorly and came out splattering and too thick making a mess and getting everywhere but where aimed. I had bought it a year prior so thought it was from storage, so ordered another can and the can purchased this year was worse then the can I was trying to replace. I will go with another option in the future




Aquagard Anti-fouling Transducer Spray



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