316 SS Sharx Flat Head Phillips Screws
Swan Secure Swan Secure
  • 316 SS Sharx Flat Head Phillips Screws
  • 316 SS Sharx Flat Head Phillips Screws

316 S/S Sharx Screws Flat Head Phillips

Sharx screws are designed to bite and hold fast in stubborn materials. Sharx are specially engineered with high/low thread form, incorporating indentations, or "teeth." The teeth easily cut through high-density materials and resist back-out even after prolonged vibration.

Sharx Marine Screws are all Phillips Drive, available in Flat Head, Pan Head, and Oval Head. These screws hold fast in fiberglass, plywood, and wood substitute materials, and are ideal for applying trim, rub rail, and molding to fiberglass boat hulls. Made from 316 stainless steel, they are perfect for projects exposed to harsh marine or chemically caustic conditions.

Screws up to 1" in length are fully threaded. Screws more than 1" long are threaded 2/3 of shank length.

(1 bx contains 100 ea)
$10.16 / bx
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  • Back-out resistance: Once driven home, Sharx are locked in place thanks to their teeth
  • Holding power: Pull-out values of Sharx screws exceed those of ordinary tapping screws in fiberglass and wood


BRAND: Swan Secure
Driver: Phillips
Fastener Type: Self Tapping Screws
Head: Pan Head
MET / STD: Standard
Metal: Stainless Steel 316
Type: Screws Bolts
4.5 2

Good product and excellent turn around time


We manufacture a product for agriculture and needed to source specialty stainless steel screws which will hold well in polyethylene cone tanks. These work great and ship very quickly.


Kingman KS


The Sharx bite and don't let go.


My application is typically joining wood where I need maximum grab for minimum penetration and no corrosion.


Concord, NC


316 S/S Sharx Screws Flat Head Phillips



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