Aquagard Alumi-Koat Spray Paint
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Aquagard Alumi-Koat Spray Paints

Aquagard Alumi-Koat Spray Paint was designed for outdrives, lower units, saildrives, and running gear. This environmentally friendly anti-fouling paint was formulated specifically for use on aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. It creates an invisible barrier to stop slime build-up as well as barnacle and marine growth.

Aquagard provides the only clear anti-fouling spray paint on the market, which allows for the lower unit to keep its original color. Spray can utilizes a convenient comfort-tip premium spray nozzle allowing for easy application and less prep work. Available in clear, black, off-white, and gray. Sold in 12 ounce cans.

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A clean dry surface free of scale, corrosion, dirt, grease, oil, marine fouling or other foreign matter will provide the optimum performance of this paint. Be sure to remove all dust, debris, and other surface contaminants generated by the cleaning process prior to painting. Inadequate surface preparation will result in unsatisfactory performance. Bring to room temperature (close to 72°F) before spraying. Shake can for 3 minutes listening for mixing ball.

New Outdrive units: Lightly sand the factory finish with 80 grit sandpaper, wipe clean with Aquagard 180 Solvent Wash, allow to dry. Then apply 2 coats of Aquagard II Alumi-Koat allowing 2-4 hours drying time between coats. Allow to dry 2-4 hours before launching.

Bare Aluminum: Make sure surface is dry and free of grease, wax , oil, and loose paint. Abrade to bright metal by sandblasting, sanding, or wire brushing. Wipe clean of any residue, then apply Aquagard 181 Primer or 189 Sandless Primer Spray. Closely follow these instructions, then apply 2 coats of Aquagard II Alumi-Koat allowing 2-4 hours drying time between coats. Allow 2-4 hours before launching.

Previously Painted Aluminum: Previously painted surfaces in poor condition (chipped or flaking) should bee stripped to bare metal, then proceed with the bare aluminum instructions specified above. If the previous anti-fouling paint is a vinyl tape, sand it thoroughly with 80 grit sand paper, wipe clean of sanding residue and apply at least 2 coats of Aquagard II Alumi-Koat.

BRAND: Aquagard
Type: Barnacle Barrier Paint
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This works great Underwater lights


We have been using this product for application on our underwater lights that stay in the salt water for a min of 3 years.




Aquagard Alumi-Koat Spray Paints



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