Holmenkol Sport ClearScreen
Holmenkol Holmenkol
  • Holmenkol Sport ClearScreen

Holmenkol Sport ClearScreen

Holmenkol Sport ClearScreen is a specially formulated coatings designed for glass and ceramic surfaces. Based on nano technology, ClearScreen is a hydrophobic (water fearing) surface coating for outside glass surfaces that is self cleaning. Protects surfaces from build up oil and dirt.

Eliminates the use of wipers when used on windscreens. Rain drops roll off and are simply blown away by the airflow. Intended for use on goggles, glasses, visors or windscreens, as well as shower enclosures and ceramic tiles for an easy clean surface. Effortless removal of insects. ClearScreen continues working for up to approximately 15,000 km or 4 months.

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BRAND: Holmenkol
Type: Coating
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