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Shark's Carpenters 12 in. Pull Saw

Since the Carpenter's Pull Saw is Larger than the Dovetail, the Carpenters pull saw will make a great addition to your tools in the shop. With a thin kerf 0.03 and razor sharp teeth this saw will make clean cuts with half the effort. It features a real utility handle for an easier stronger grip. Razor sharp blade!

This is the best all-around saw for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. With 14 teeth per inch, it cuts very fast and smooth. Because it is a pull-to-cut saw, undercutting (that is, from the bottom up) is a snap: unlike with push saws! This is the best saw for tackling the widest range of projects: everything from rip and cross-cut to flush-cutting moldings and door casings even slicing through PVC or ABS pipe. And at 18" overall, it fits into most tool boxes. This is truly the must-have saw for everyone who appreciates a great hand tool.

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Recommended for any place a fast, clean and accurate cut is required, including:


  • Cuts through both hard and soft woods
  • Treated lumber
  • Plywood
  • Particle board
  • Drywall and plastic pipe


BRAND: Shark
Type: Pull Saw
4.0 1

Great on soft woods, but teeth break


Works fgine on soft wood (pine, fir), but the teeth breakoff in hard materials (bone, antler, PVC). Replacement blades are expensive


Anchorage Alaska

Shark's Carpenters 12 in. Pull Saw



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