Japanese Ryoba Double sided Saws
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  • Japanese Ryoba Double sided Saws

Ryoba Style Saw

This is the traditional Japanese saw, the 9" FineCut Double Saw has cross cut teeth to work across the wood grain, and rip teeth to cut with the grain. Although the blade is very flexible, it cuts exceptionally straight. Designed for applications where precision outweighs speed. Many professionals use this tool as a jamb saw for cutting door moldings and casing coverings. The straight handle, combined with the flexible blade, allows for efficient, effective close work and flush cutting. Ideal for finishing carpenters, flooring professionals, and serious, skilled woodworkers.

The long, straight handle lets you reach high places; the pull-motion makes cutting easy. Great for sawing large pieces of foam boards, and cutting plywood and particle board. The precision-ground blade ensures super-accurate cutting, it slices right through melamine without chipping!

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  • 9" cross cut blade with 17 teeth per inch
  • 9" rip cut blade with 9 teeth per inch


Recommended For: All sizes of plywood, particle board and melamine. All types of wood siding; staircase construction; accurate cuts of all angles. Great for trimming a thin strip from the bottom of a door to accommodate thick carpeting without removing the door from its hinges. Cuts through flat foam sheets; moldings of all sizes and widths at all angles.
BRAND: Shark
Type: Pull Saw
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I am restoring an old boat (1957 ) and to rebuilt the deck , I need to do a lot of dovetail joints and this saw is perfect for that !

du chayla



Ryoba Style Saw



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