Sea-Tee Inflatable Rash Guard
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Sea-Tee Inflatable Rash Guard by Float Tech

The Sea-Tee inflatable rash guard is designed to give swimmers and water sport enthusiasts an extra feeling of security and piece of mind. Providing the traditional sun and skin protection of a rash guard, the Sea Tea features a manual or CO2 inflated bladder that provides 8+ pounds of buoyancy.

This extra buoyancy can help you or your children stay afloat if caught in a strong rip current or suffer from exhaustion and muscle cramps.

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Not Approved as a US Coast Guard PFD


  • Intended Ages: 10 and Up
  • Available Sizes: S-3XL (Unisex)
  • Material: Nylon-Lycra (4-Way Stretch)
  • Color: Black
  • Inflation Type: Manual Rip Cord / Oral Inflation
  • CO2 Canister Size: 8 gram / 3/8in Thread


BRAND: Float-Tech
Type: Inflatable Rash Guard
4.8 4

Excellent product.


Great supplement to a PFD


Terre Haute, IN


Awesome new product


Now I have something to go with my inflatable speedo!


Boston, MA


this is good idea!


This is good products. Not only use for teenagers, is goog for adult,if is some problem of swimming. My problem is partial paralysys in my leg, but find product for help me. This time use air chamber integrated neopren surf shorty, but find in the world with integrated with cartrige. This is use af possible, this is goog feautres for snorkeling, and swimming pool. Proble is this modell size not good for me.[...] Swim aid for adult.


Hungary (European Union)


Great Solution


This allows me to get out into the water knowing that if i pull the trigger, or blow into the valve, i will float. WITHOUT having to wear a bulky lifejacket. Safety is there if and when i need it. Perfect.


Newport, RI


Sea-Tee Inflatable Rash Guard by Float Tech



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