red devil wood paint scrapers
Red Devil Scrapers Red Devil
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Red Devil Scrapers

Red Devil Paint Scrapers

Red Devil wood scrapers feature plastic handles, and remove paint and varnish from wood with a double edged steel blade (which can be re-sharpened and replaced). Available in 1" and 1.5" sizes.
$7.53 / ea
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Red Devil Wood Scrapers 1
BRAND: Red Devil Scrapers
Type: Scrapers and Blades
3.3 3

best scrapers ever1


I looked at every paint store in Saint joseph, mo. for these. The only answers I got were1. I haven't seen one of those for over 20 years, but people always ask for them! Duh! 2. at a Sherwin Williams store, nope we do not cary those, but the guys are always asking for them! Hum. Duh again! No one has them that I can find; so on the web I went,and walla! thank you!

mike the rehab specialist

saint joseph, mo.


Not bad but I prefer my Warner 4 varnish


You have to work hard to get consistent varnish shavings off the workpiece with this tool. I use it only in small areas. The Warner scrapers produce consistent, predictable shavings with little effort on larger areas.

Beneteau Bill

Houston, TX


Not bad for the price


The blade slides out sometimes if you down move in a perfectly straight line. There is a blade stuck in my bildge below my water tank now thanks to this product.

wooden sailer

Brooklyn, NY


Red Devil Scrapers



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