Hella 2984 Series All Round Lamps
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  • Hella 2984 Series All Round Lamps

Hella 2984 Series All Round Lamps

Hella 2984 series all round lamps are designed for use as white navigation lamps, white anchor lamps, red anti-collision lamps or general auxiliary red and green lamps.

These shock-proof, UV-resistant lights are both saltwater proof and anti-magnetic. They also feature a Bayonet-lock on their housing making it easy to change the bulb when necessary, but tightly securing it in a waterproof casing while in use.

2984 All Round Lamps come complete with a 12V, long-life bulb that operates at 25W in the red and green and 10W in the white lights and provides up to 2 nautical miles of light. Their 6.3 mm flat-plug connectors allow for easy installation and mounting with 3 stainless steel hex. Head bolts and hex. Nuts.

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BRAND: Hella Marine
Type: Navigation Lights
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