Hella Red Ambient Ring LED Spot Lamp
Hella Marine Hella Marine
  • Hella Red Ambient Ring LED Spot Lamp

Hella Red Ambient Ring LED Spot Lamp

Hella LED Spot Lamps are lights that generate over 450 candela but consume less than 2.5W to create a higher output while consuming 75 percent less power than the traditional 10W halogen lamp.

Each lamp features an outer ring of red for additional ambient illumination and their non glaring technology creates a powerful light without any dangerous effects to the eyes.

Hella LED Spot Lamps employ MotivoltTM technology, providing consistent illumination with circuit protection across inputs ranging from 9V to 31V DC. Their casings are completely sealed as well as shock and vibration resistant, and they will remain cool to the touch, ensuring the lights will not cause damage to surrounding materials.

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BRAND: Hella Marine
Bulb Type: LED
Type: Courtesy Lights
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