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Starbrite Spider Away

Starbrite's new Spider Away is the safe and easy solution to the mess that spiders can cause in crawl spaces, basements, eaves, awnings, boats, boathouses, attics, and anywhere else spiders are found.

Since spiders are essential to our ecosystem, (they eat annoying insects) Spider Away safely and effectively removes spiders from the area without harming them.

Spider Away is a non-toxic and poison-free formula that drives spiders away and keeps them out. It is completely safe to use around pets and people, both indoors and out. It can be applied directly to a variety of surfaces including fiberglass, painted surfaces, wood, vinyl, metal, plastic, and more. Each application is effective for 3-6 months depending on location and environment.

Sold in 22-ounce plastic spray bottles.

$14.76 / ea
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BRAND: Star brite
Type: Specialty Cleaners
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