Amsteel Blue Rope single braid dyneema
Samson Samson
  • Amsteel Blue Rope single braid dyneema
  • Amsteel-Blue 12 strand dyneema line Gray
  • Amsteel Dyneema single braid line

Amsteel Blue Rope

Samson Amsteel-Blue is a 12-strand braided rope using 100 percent Dyneema SK-75 fiber with Samthane urethane coating to create a non-rotational rope that yields extremely high strength and low stretch. Amsteel offers one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios and conveniently floats. It has superior flex fatigue and wear resistance making it stronger than wire rope.

Amsteel is usually covered at the cleat, stopper, or winch. Also note that size 7/64" changes from 12-strand to 8-strand construction. Available in the color gray.

Note- AmSteel-Blue is an upgrade design from Original AmSteel and it offers superior strength in the smaller sizes. AmSteel-Blue is always size-for-size stronger than wire at 1/7th the weight. Amsteel "Blue" is offered in Blue and Silver colors. Be sure to select color of choice.
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No matter what size, AmSteel-Blue provides the ultimate in low stretch, lightweight strength, abrasion resistance and easy splicing .

Why use Samson Amsteel-Blue:

  • Stronger than wire with same elastic elongation as wire rope
  • Extremely light and buoyant
  • High abrasion resistance
  • A size for size strength replacement for wire rope at only 1/7th the weight
  • Torque-free, very flexible, easy to handle
  • Easily inspected or field spliced
  • Superior flex

Common Applications:

  • Kite/Wakeboard/Waterski Lines
  • Trawl and Bridle Lines
  • Wire Replacement - Non Jacketed
  • Winch Lines
  • Pulling and Stringing Lines
  • Climbing and Rigging Accessories
  • Low Stretch Support Lines (Wire Replacement)
  • High Performance Tug Lines
  • Horizontal Lifelines
  • Logging
  • Wire Replacement Ropes
  • General Working Lines
  • Heavy Lift Slings


BRAND: Samson
Material: Dyneema
Type: High Performance Lines
4.9 8

Wire replacement option


Used to replace some fraying wire (center board and jib cloth adjustment) on an older Lightning Class sailboat. So far working great. Very pliable. Was a little bit of a challenge threading it thru the very small section of tubing it routes thru. I had read somewhere it doesn't hold a knot so have been a little hesitant to try it. So far that doesn't appear to be true.

cairn terrors



If you like Dyneema...


I used dyneema to re-do my life lines.I love the stuff. You can learn to splice it onyoutube -- not all that difficult.And, I like buying from Jamestown. They are friendly, reliable, and not too expensive.What else could you ask for?






This is an outstanding product at a good price. Jamestown Distributors customer service rules!


Tampa, Florida


Great Product


Makes great lightweight rope for hammock hanging while camping.


Kansas City, MO


i would buy this product again


use where desired strength and durability are necessary.Very strong for its diameter.Not very easy to splice


Bristol pa.




Perfect for my projects. Strong and lightweight.




Great rope


I use amsteel for camping line at the moment, The hollow core is great for tieing soft shackles as well. This stuff is truly amazing. I will more than likely buy amsteel the next time i need to replace a rope or line as well, the strength to weight ratio is unmatched. Word of caution though this stuff is slippery, not impossible to tie with, just takes a little extra on the tag ends than you normally would use to compensate.


Erie PA




This is the most amazing thing I have ever used. I still can't believe this tiny rope holds that much weight! I bought 40ft of this little gem to hang my hammock, but I will probably use the rope to do just about anything. Tow objects, tie up my boat, hang my hammock,..... really anything that I can think of. I am definitely going to purchase some more just to keep around the house. Going to get a thicker one to put in my truck for emergency situations.




Amsteel Blue Rope



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