Torqeedo Travel Kayak Ultralight Outboard
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Torqeedo Kayak Ultralight Outboard

The Torqeedo Kayak Ultralight 403 Outboard motor is designed for use on kayaks and other very light boats. The unit consists of a shaft, a lithium-manganese battery, and a remote throttle.

A unique mounting system permits the Ultralight electric outboard to attach to almost any rigid kayak. The Torqeedo Ultralight can be tilted into and out of the water during use and is made to be completely waterproof, i.e. it will even operate under water.

Spare Propeller sold separately: TOR-1912

Spare Battery Charger for the new 403 Ultralight battery (TOR-1413) is sold separately: TOR-1127

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The Ultralight motor includes a GPS receiver providing data for a multifunctional display that is included in the remote throttle. Information displayed includes battery charge status, remaining range, speed over ground and power consumption.

The motor delivers a max speed of some 5.6 miles/hour and a range of some 12-1/2 miles at slow speed. The run time varies from 36 minutes at full throttle, to about 2 hours at half throttle, and about 5 hours at slow speed.

Further advantages: connection to a kayak rudder provides easy steering (possible for most kayaks), a waterproof travel pack for transport and storage, the motor system includes a battery charger.

Spare batteries and battery chargers are available separately.

Key Features

  • Total weight 15.4 lbs incl. battery
  • Top speed around 5.6 - 6.2 mph, faster than any trolling motor
  • Range at slow speed 26.1 miles (e.g. at 2.5 mph)
  • Fully waterproof (IP67)
  • GPS calculation of remaining range
  • Solar-chargeable option (NEW)
  • Lithium high-performance battery (NEW) with 40% more battery capacity (TOR-1413)


BRAND: Torqeedo
Type: Outboard Motors
5.0 1

Torquedo Kayack motor QC700


Have the motor mounted on a QC700. Full speed with fresh battery is 6.1 miles an hour. Had to machine an extension to extend the motor mount to get the unit lower in the water, otherwise it cavitates and can not get above 3.5 miles an hour. Love the unit so far, great range extender.




Torqeedo Kayak Ultralight Outboard



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