Wera Tools Zyklop 1/4 inch Ratchet Set
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  • Wera Tools Zyklop 1/4 inch Ratchet Set
  • Wera Tools Zyklop 1/4 inch Ratchet Set
  • Wera Tools Zyklop 1/4 inch Ratchet Set

Wera Zyklop 1/4 inch Ratchet Sets

Wera's Zyklop Ratchet Sets are unlike any other ratchets currently available on the market today. They feature a rotating mass design which accelerates the fastening process. This design, in combination with a free-wheel sleeve, lets the user turn the fastener faster than any conventional ratchet. More speed, less fatigue. The square chuck drive is standard sized to accept sockets of other brands.
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Zyklop's unique socket lock system makes accessory changes much faster. The ball lock secures both sockets and any accessories for a reliable fit and safe work. Simply press the release button and tool changes are possible in each of the 5 ratchet head positions. Each premium extension also comes fitted with a flexible locking system. When activated, the drive handles can be secured permanently to the extension, while still allowing fast changes when deactivated.

This is the only ratchet set on the market that can double for use as a screwdriver. Zyklop ratchets are capable of holding a bit in the in-line, or 0-degree position for use as a screwdriver. Wera's unique handle provides the ultimate comfort and grip making any task easier on the hands, while the thumbwheel allows for seamless switching between forward and reverse gears.

For hard angles or tight spots, the Zyklop's head can be swiveled to a number preset points at 0, 15, or 90 degrees to the left or right. This prevents the ratchet head from slipping or stripping, and virtually eliminated the, bumps, bruises, blisters, callouses, scrapes and busted knuckles commonly encountered with traditional ratchet sets.

Two sets are available. The (15) piece SAE Basic socket set includes the ratchet drive with various sockets and extensions. The (41) piece SAE Premium socket set includes the ratchet, sockets, and various bits for phillips, hex, square, and slotted fasteners.

Type: Ratchets and Accessories
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