3M Headlight Lens Restoration System
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3M Headlight Lens Restoration System

Designed to shine and restore plastic lenses, including headlights, taillights, fog and directional lights. A lot of lights yellow with time and new lens are pricey. This kit allows you to be the professional in restoring and shining used or old lens with the help of a household drill (1200-1600 rpm).
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I was looking for new/used headlights to replace 2 of my cars and to find out that they are expensive. Called the dealerships and they were going to charge $70 - $90 to clean headlights. Was recommended by a clerk from Advance Auto who used it on his car. Apparently this product is the same stuff that dealerships use. At 1st you might freak out while sanding the lenses and think that you ruined the headlights, but once you continue with the instructions, it really does bring your headlights back to life. I was amazed. Plus using a drill is more effective than using the hands on. Would also recommend painters tape to put around headlights so you don't scratch car and it is easier to take off as well. Would recommend product again!!!


Ft. Wayne, IN


3M Headlight Lens Restoration System



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