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Marvel Mystery Oil lubricates the entire fuel system-fuel pumps, fuel injectors or carburetors and the top-portion of the cylinders. These are areas, that by design, motor oil does not reach. Using Marvel Mystery Oil in your fuel extends the life of these vital components by providing them with lubrication that fuel alone does not provide.
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Marvel Mystery Oil reduces and prevents varnish and gum build-up, two key contributors to robbing engine performance.

When you shut off your engine, a miniscule drop of fuel is left at the tip of the fuel injectors or carburetor jets. This drop of fuel then solidifies into a varnish type residue. Over time, the accumulated varnish blocks the openings of the injectors or jets, contributing to lower performance, poor fuel economy and shorter life of these components.

Spark plug life is also extended by using Marvel Mystery Oil in your fuel. Marvel creates a cleaner burning cylinder environment that reduces carbon build-up on spark plugs resulting in better firing plugs that increase performance and durability.

In addition, Marvel Mystery Oil improves fuel mileage by reducing internal friction in the engine.

Marvel Mystery Oil should be used in the fuel at every fill-up. Use 4 ounces of Marvel Mystery Oil for every 10 gallons of fuel.

Notice for Diesel Fuel Users: This diesel fuel additive does not comply with federal ultra low sulfur content requirements for use in model 2007 and newer diesel motor vehicles.

Marvel Mystery Oil should be added to your engine oil at every oil change. In a traditional automobile engine with a 5 quart oil capacity, simply replace one of the engine oil quarts with a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil. Marvel is also safe and effective to use with synthetic and synthetic-blend motor oils.

When added to engine oil, Marvel reduces and prevents valve sticking and clatter by breaking down harmful deposits of carbon and sludge. Oftentimes, valve sticking can be identified by a ticking sound coming from the engine compartment when the engine is running. This ticking sound will increase and decrease with the speed of the engine.

Marvel Mystery Oil fortifies the properties of motor oil, both traditional and synthetic. Marvel prevents oil breakdown caused by extreme temperatures. In addition, Marvel promotes easier cold weather starting with its extremely low pour point of (-65 degrees) Fahrenheit and ability to eliminate oil's tendency to congeal at low temperatures.

Sludge build-up in newer and older engines can result in lower performance and life expectancy. Marvel Mystery Oil will prevent sludge build up from occurring in new engines and removes sludge from older engines. In newer engines, Marvel Mystery Oil protects against scoring or seizing and creates a highly polished, wear resistant finish on engine surfaces. Your new engine will remain new engine clean and your older engine will thank you for cleaning the insides!

Marvel Mystery Oil provides the same tremendous benefits for all marine engines, inboard or outboard. Use Marvel in the same amounts listed for automotive use for use in your marine engine.

BRAND: Marvel Mystery Oil
Type: Additives
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Eliminate Ethanol Problems


I have used for over 30 years and Never taken one of my carbs apart due to fuel problems.




I'm a believer


I don't care what's in it. And I don't care my dad said never mess with additives. Cars didn't run for 200,000 miles when he said that. They didn't get gunked up from so many miles of driving, even if you use top-notch synthetic oils. So when he said don't add stuff, it was 'cause cars failed for other reasons back then, and you were throwing your money away on a de-gunking potion in the meantime. Now that cars last longer (if you keep your cooling system clean, replace hoses, add anti-rust), think about an engine that's been building up gunk way beyond yesteryear's cars' lifespans. You tap the accelerator and creep. You tap it harder and the car moves. You press it down halfway and you've got the acceleration you don't remember your car once had when you barely touched the pedal. Because that was ten years ago, when it was new. Or twelve, or fifteen years. Cars last so long if you take care of them now that your memory is hard-pressed to remember how strong your ankle was a decade ago, or the engine, or both. Why not de-gunk it and experience deja-vu?Because we're the drug generation and found out there are no shortcuts to Nirvana? Possibly. But cars don't experience bliss. They just carry us from one place to another if we're nice to them. If they were a horses, wouldn't you change their feed in their latter years, before putting them to pasture? Wouldn't they need a laxative now and then? Get a horse. Find out. Or keep your car running if you can't, with Marvel Mystery Oil. I don't work for the company but discovered its product when I accidentally added antifreeze to the crankcase. I knew I needed something other than several oil changes to clean it out. Now I am a believer in this marvelous product.


New Jersey


the proff is in the bottle


I have a airboat with a av0540 lycoming 300hp engine because the cost ove avgas being so high ive been using 90 octain non-ethanel fuel and mmo in my fuel. I mix 1oz to 5gal.gas. it lubes the top end and valve guides very well and there is no lead envolved here.have not lost any performace my sparkplugs are burning clean and no carbin build now im saving at least hafe in fuel.MMO is the best fuel additive i have ever used.thank you marvel mystery oil! for a product that really works.


williston florida


Mystery Oil for my horses.M


I own a 1993 Moto Guzzi SPIII 1000, with a lot of Interstate miles on it. In September of '11, I rode my motorcycle from Longview, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico. After my arrival in Albuquerque, my engine developed a miss. Inspection of the ignition system revealed everything to be in proper condition. When I removed the spark plugs,for inspection, I discovered one plug to be oil fouled and gap bridged. I changed the heat range of the spark plugs, and my engine soon developed that all to familiar miss. Once again, I pulled the spark plugs and found the same cylinder to be oil fouled again. Close inspection of the spark plug revealed cracking of the ceramic insulator around the electrode; allowing the spark to jump to the side of the cavity wall, and not reaching the gap. At this point, I'm beginning to think fuel,and or valve train. Could it be possible that I might have a valve that was sticking? This is when I turned to Marvel Mystery Oil. Before using Marvel Mystery Oil, my engine would not idle, it would stall as if it had ran out of gas, and had very little throttle response. With the addition of new oil and Marvel Mystery Oil, I have noticed an almost immediate improvement in the way my engine idles,and throttle response is back up. Can't wait to see what it will do in the gas.




Dehydrated Kerosene and Wintergreen oil?


I "bless" every engine i come across with this product. Part of a little voodoo ritual i do for anything that burns fuel. Legends of it poored into carburators to unstick valves, resurecting 70 year old engines, relieving pings and knocks go back in my family for generations. Add to oil and fuel. Makes anything run better and longer. I also use it to lubricate riffles, works great there too. Pleasing aroma aswell! Onlything it wont fix is a head gasket, but if they had been using it before....... Also makes a great all purpose household oil, and for all manner of unaproved emergency uses also ( i wont list them, but, if you have no other fluid on the side of the road, chances are its better than dry ). Dont leave home without it!

Doctar Straangeluv

Dawsonville, Georgia


Won't be without it


I have been using MMO for over 50 years. I first discovered it when I saw a lawnmower rebuild mechanic filling a newly rebuilt lawnmower gas tank and adding MMO. He said if I were to use MMO religiously I would not need to use his service. How absolutely right he was. Compression is maintained, cools engines,improves starting, winterizes and keeps motors running as new. Best stuff I have ever used. Thanks MMO for the many hours of maintenance free and worry free performance you have given me. This product has not let me down once.

Capt. Jerrro

Brighton Michigan


Good Stuff


I have a 1995 Harley Eletra Glide with 76,900 miles it started using oil So put a 1/2 of a bottle. When I changed the Oil Put on 300 miles it did'nt use no oil I will keep a close eye on it Bike seems to run better!!!


Grants NM


Skeptic no more


My inboard boat engine (1988) has been stalling and losing power since the local gas switched to E10 (last 2-yrs). My mechanic suggested the ethanol was cleaning out the engine, plugging up the fuel filter and maybe carb, not to mention corroding the rubber. I tried tuneups, Techron and other magic exilirs but resisted MMO because it seemed archaic and obsolete. Again, I was at the autoparts store to try a few more and the pimply faced kid at the counter suggeted MMO because his Dad always used it. Eh, what the heck? The first try in the gas and it was purring like a kitten. Now I'm finding how popular this stuff is with people using carburated engines, including the military.


Bethlehem, PA


take the time to listen


i hardly don't trust many products to use on my truck but my brother kept insisting that mystery oil really works he's been using it for years he just brought a used truck and was having problems he ask me to go over and help him find the problem well it wouldn't start it turn on then off he then told me he had the solution he brought this mystery oil and whoa la it turned on like a brand new truck he put some in his oil and on his fuel it was also making a cranking sound but no more. I was sold on this product IT'S WORKS!


visalia, ca.


Real Good Stuff


My wife 1998 Nissan Pathfinder was losing power. It would hesitate and die at acceleration. I decided to add 4 oz of Marvel Mystery Oil and voila after a while the engine started to regaine power. Now I am planning to use MMO more often. Is an affordable product if you compare it to other leading brands. Amazing Stuff!

Bull Fajita

Columbus, Georgia


Marvel Mystery Oil



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