Vetus Bow 220 Electric Bow Thruster 24V
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  • Vetus Bow 220 Electric Bow Thruster 24V
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Vetus Bow 220 Electric Bow Thrusters

The Vetus 220 electric bow thruster improves lateral maneuverability of boats, with sideways thrust power of 485 pound-force (lbf)/ 220 kgf. Install thrusters below the waterline in the bow of the hull for advanced maneuverability in tight spaces. When traditional line handling is not a possibility, such as a short-handed crew, thrusters provide immeasurable peace of mind during stressful maneuvering tight quarters.

Vetus bow thrusters feature a streamlined bronze tail piece and composite propeller designed for quiet, effective thrust. Also used as stern thrusters. Simply mount the unit in combination with the appropriate sized stern kit.

This model is available in 24V only.

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The Importance of Ignition Protection on a Bow Thruster

An ignition-protected bow thruster is important if the electric bow thruster will be installed in a compartment containing fuel tanks or in an engine room where gasoline fumes are present. A conventional thruster's motor could ignite the fumes.

Vetus developed the DI model thrusters with sealed motor housings that meet the ISO 8846 Marine ignition protection standard.

IMPORTANT! The Bow 220 model, BOW22024D, is not ignition protected. For help selecting the correct bow thruster to install on your boat, call and speak to a knowledgeable Jamestown Distributors customer service representative at 800-423-0030.

Complete installation of any Vetus Electrical Bow Thruster requires at minimum the following items:

  • Bow Thruster unit
  • Tunnel (most commonly used is fiberglass, which must be fiberglassed into the bow below the waterline.)
  • Control Panel (several styles offered)
  • Electric Connection Cables
  • Dedicated Battery power (Since any electric thrusters draws 200+ amps, a dedicated battery source is the ideal option)
  • Battery switch and appropriate gauge battery cable.


Bow 220 Thruster  Reversible DC motor 
Power  15 hp (11 kW) 
Thrust  485 lbf (2200 N; 220kgf) 
Internal Tunnel Diameter  11-13/16 
Weight excluding Tunnel  149 lbs 
Current Consumption  760 Amps 
Operating Time  2.5 minutes per hour , 2.5 minutes continuous 
Main Fuse ''Slow Blow''  500 Amps 
Batteries 12V DC  2 x 200 min. Ah / 4 x 165 max Ah 
Battery Cables, Length Pos/Neg Cables  0 - 39 ft. / 4/0 
Battery Main Switch Required Vetus BATSW type  BATSW 600 / 24 
Bow 220 Thrusters Dimensions (see images)  BOW16024D 
A (inches)  9-23/32 
B (inches)  24-11/16 
C (inches)  5-23/64 
D (inches, min./max.)  23-5/8 / 47-1/4 
E (inches)  10-5/32 
F (diameter, inches)  8-11/32 
G (inches, min.)  11-13/16 
H (diameter, inches)  11-13/16 
BRAND: Vetus
Type: Bow Thrusters
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