T-9 Boeshield Spray Lubricant
Boeshield Boeshield
  • T-9 Boeshield Spray Lubricant

Boeshield T-9 Lubricant

Boeshield T-9 Rust Protectant was originally developed by Boeing Aviation to provide long term corrosion protection on aircraft metals. T9 is based on a solvent and wax formula. It works by penetrating metal pores to displace moisture. The spray dries to a thin film to protect metal surfaces. Popular in the marine industry, boaters use it to protect deck hardware, engine components, batteries, and electrical connections. T-9 is non conductive and won't cause short circuits.

Woodworkers use Boeshield to protect woodworking tools, as it won't transfer to the wood piece or cause problems with finishes.

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T-9 Properties:

  • Penetrates deeply into fasteners and fixtures.
  • Displaces moisture.
  • Dries to a clean waxy film.
  • Lubricates and protects all metals for months.
  • Will not harm paints, plastics, rubber or vinyl.
  • Attack's existing corrosion.
  • T-9 will also loosen rusted parts.
  • Contains No Fluorocarbons.
  • Many Industrial and Household uses.


BRAND: Boeshield
Type: Anti-Corrosion/Inhibitor
5.0 3

Great product


Used on storm shutters in Miami, they work like new now. They have plastic parts and protected against salt damage.


Miami FL


The best bicycle chain lubricant


Clean and dry well with Simple Green. Use droplet bottle on the joint of each link.




Boeshield is the best!


T-9 works very well on boats- esp on saltwater. Saves electrical connections, stops corrosion on battery terminals, etc. Can be sprayed on SS fasteners before installing in aluminum to stop corrosion. This is good stuff. I keep a can on the boat.


New Bedford, MA


Boeshield T-9 Lubricant



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