Blue Water Marine Armada Wood Finish
Blue Water Marine Blue Water Marine
  • Blue Water Marine Armada Wood Finish

Blue Water Marine Armada Wood Finish

Armada Wood Finish is a long-lasting, durable coating that beautifies and protects expensive hard woods from the harsh elements of the marine environment.

When applied, the oil alkyd resin based formula penetrates the surface of the wood, sealing and protecting it. Subsequent coats bond with the first, building-up to a semi-hard varnish-like coating.

Because this coating is microporous and relatively flexible, it allows the wood to breathe and flex without causing the coating to crack or peel. Armadas finished color is similar to varnish, in both the gloss and the satin version; because it is translucent, the finished color is dependent on the original color of the wood.

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  • Translucent finishes for interior and exterior wood and teak
  • Superb to wood oils, stains and varnish
  • Iron oxide pigments shield the wood against UV sunlight
  • Easy to apply, quick drying, flexible, superb flow and leveling
  • Allows the wood to breathe and moisture to escape
  • No sanding require between coats


Choose from a Satin or Gloss finish in Clear, Original, or Dark. Available in 1 gallon or 1 quart cans.
BRAND: Blue Water Marine
Type: Marine Wood Treatment
4.5 8

a product i use


have used and trusted this product for years




Poor follow up from staff


I've used Armada satin wood finish for decades. Lately I've found it inconsistent from batch to batch so I called the manufacturer who told me the product had been reformulated and that they now offer a semi gloss as well as the satin. When I called Jamestown Distributors to see about availability I had to leave a message and no one returned my call

Pro painter

Topsham maine


I like this product and the Qt size is perfect.


Woodwork for a Sabre 30.




I would definitely recommend this product.


Used on cypress swing outside in CA sunshine. Easy to apply if you follow directions and easy to renew annually. Left beautiful varnish like finish that has stood up very well to rain and sunshine.


CA Sierra Nevada Mts.


Armada Clear Satin


The previous owner of the boat used Armada clear satin on all the exterior wood. I have continued to use it as well. It is easy to apply, but I find it's durability questionable. I never get the opportunity to simply "apply additional coats" in the beginning of the season as the previous season's Armada needs to be re-prepped and sanded - and I apply 3 coats. I wish I could compare it to a traditional spar varnish in terms of durability......


Bristol, RI


Armada Finishes


this is a beautiful would takes some skill to apply as it is not water based. It is very durable and beautiful it allows the natural color of the wood to show through. You must allow 24 hours between coats. It does out gas alot. Despite this I do use it for indoor applications with excellent results.

Anma Boat

Madison Wisconsin.


I have used Armada for ten years.


Brushes on large teak deck. Lasts easily six months or more. Best product I have found!


Pompano Beach, FL


Used the clear satin - very nice product


This product looks like satin varnish but is much easier to use. I did 4 coats on bare teak, sanding only once lightly before the final coat. Having used varnish for many years, I have become a convert to this stuff. A friend who also used this came to the same conclusion.


Cape Cod


Blue Water Marine Armada Wood Finish



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